Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of New Microcontrollers for Motor Control Applications – Oct 30, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has launched a new series of ARM Cortex™-M4F-core-based TX04 series microcontrollers, “TMPM462F15FG”, “TMPM462F10FG”, “TMPM461F15FG” and “TMPM461F10FG”, for motor control applications in equipment such as multifunction printers (MFP) and printers. Sample shipments will start in November this year, with mass production scheduled to start in spring 2014.

TX04 series microcontrollers

The development of highly sophisticated motor control applications for equipment such as MFPs and printers requires much more software code, and that in turn creates a requirement for microcontrollers with large-capacity memory, multiple communication channels, and interfaces with high-resolution sensors.

The new microcontrollers integrate a maximum of 1.5Mbyte flash ROM, 193Kbyte SRAM, 20 serial interface channels, and a 20-channel high-resolution 12-bit A/D converter. This secures motor control with a single microcontroller, without any need for external memory and I/O expander ICs, lowering materials requirements and costs. Integration of a large-capacity memory increases data transfer rates, improving processing performance.

The product line-up offers different memory sizes and pin counts, allowing selection to meet system requirements.

Key Features of New Products

CPU: Cortex™-M4F; Maximum operating frequency is 120MHz
Two different memory size: 1.5Mbytes and 1.0Mbytes
Two different package line-up: 176 pins and 144 pins
A wide variety of communication functions: 20 serial interface channels and a 20-channel 12-bit A/D converter
Remote control circuits and CEC[1] for audio-video systems


Motor control applications, such as MFPs and Printers; audio-video systems and digital consumer electronics; office equipment; and PC peripheral equipment.

Sample Price and Schedule

Part Number ROM (Flash) SRAM Package Sample
Name (Size) pins pin pitch Price
(Tax Included)
TMPM462F15FG 1.5Mbytes 193Kbytes LQFP
(20 × 20mm)
176 0.4mm 1000 Yen November 2013
TMPM462F10FG 1.0Mbytes 900 Yen
TMPM461F15FG 1.5Mbytes 144 0.5mm 900 Yen
TMPM461F10FG 1.0Mbytes 800 Yen



  • [1]: CEC: Consumer Electronic Control. CEC is one of the serial interfaces connecting audio-video equipments.
  • *: ARM is a registered trademark and ARM Cortex is a trademark of ARM Limited in the EU and other countries.