Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of CMOS Image Sensor – Nov 11, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation  today announced that started sample shipments of a VGA, 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor, “TCM5126GBA”, for automotive view cameras.


The “TCM5126GBA” integrates a high dynamic range (HDR) function that reproduces high quality images of objects backlit by the sun and vehicle headlights. The product has a small chip-size package (CSP) combined with through-silicon via (TSV)[1] technology. This reduces the size by 30% against equivalent products[2] and will contribute to the downsizing of view camera systems.

The sensor also incorporates a picture flip function that can flip output images horizontally and vertically, an on-screen display function that outputs preliminary-set parking guidelines together with the image, and a zoom function for use in rear view cameras in parking assist systems. The built-in timer function sustains output of images when the gear stick is shifted from reverse to forward, allowing drivers to see a continuous movie when reversing into a parking space. The stand alone operation support (SAOS) function makes the sensor operate automatically when power is supplied without external microcontrollers, and will contribute to simplification of view camera systems.


  • [1]: Through silicon via (TSV) is the technology to form electrical interconnects through a silicon die or wafer.
  • [2]: Comparison with “TCM5114PB”.



Automotive camera applications, such as rear view camera for parking assist systems, surround view systems and side view systems.

Key Features

High dynamic range (HDR).
Adoption of small chip-size package (CSP), contributing to system downsizing.
A variety of integrated functions supporting rear view camera systems: a picture flip function, on-screen display function, zoom function, timer function and SAOS function.

Main Specifications

Part Number TCM5126GBA
Resolution VGA
Optical Format 1/4 inch
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Pixel Size 5.6 µm
Frame Rate (full resolution) 60fps