Toshiba Launches Stepping Motor Driver IC with Serial Interface – Nov 27, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of the latest addition to its lineup of high voltage and high current stepping motor driver “TB67S10xA” series, the “TB67S103A” which can drive motors by signals through a serial interface. Mass production shipments of devices in QFN48 packages will start today, followed by shipments in HTSSOP48 packages scheduled to start in February 2014.

TB67S10xA series
TB67S10xA series

The reduction of power consumption for applications, such as office automation equipment, banking terminals, amusement equipment and home appliances, needs optimized control of motor drives. This requires independent control signals for torque, rotation speed and rotation direction, for each individual motors, which increases the number of signals for applications with multiple motors and makes the system complicated.

The product adopts a serial interface that allows users to set motor control items and four ID numbers, and integrates an independent motor drive control function based on identification of each ID number. This enables connection of multiple TB67S103A driver ICs to signal lines for one external controller and control of up to four motors. The reduction of external controllers and number of signals this achieves will contribute to the simplification and downsizing of systems, plus reduction of power consumption.

Key Features of New Product

Controls multiple motors though serial interface
Four IDs can be assigned to the serial interface of the IC, allowing independent control of torque, rotational speed, and rotation direction of up to four motors with one set of serial interface signals.
Reduces heat generation
Low on-resistance[1] (0.5Ω or less, sum of upper and lower) reduces heat generation
Realizes low vibration and low noise
The IC adopts Toshiba original ADMD[2] and the high-resolution motor driving technology of 1/32 steps (max.), reducing motor vibration and noise.


Printers, office automation equipment, banking terminals (ATM), bank note identification machines, amusement equipment, and home appliances

Main Specifications of “TB67S10x” Series

Product Name TB67S101A TB67S102A TB67S109A TB67S103A
Absolute Maximum Ratings 50V, 4A
Package QFN48, HTSSOP48
Excitation Mode 2 phases, 1-2 phases, and W1-2 phases 2 phases, 1-2 phases, W1-2 phases,
2W1-2 phases, 4W1-2 phases,
and 8W1-2 phases
Other Features Low-heat-generation and high efficient drive by ADMD[2] technology
Built-in abnormality detection functions (thermal shutdown circuit, over current shutdown circuit, and undervoltage lockout circuit).
Built-in output function of abnormality detection flag(only the TB67S109A)
Sequence-free of power supply by single power drive
Mass Production Schedule QFN48: Available
HTSSOP48: January, 2014
QFN48: Available
February, 2014



  • 1: Resistance in applying current. When the resistance is small, the power loss is small in motor driving and the heat-generation can be reduced.
  • 2: ADMD: ADvanced Mixed Decay. Toshiba’s newly developed motor control technology; offers high efficient motor operation by automated optimization of drive current.