Toshiba Launches Small Sized 1-Channel High-Side Switch IPD – Dec 06, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of “TPD1055FA”, a 1-channel high-side switch IPD (intelligent power device) that adopts a small-sized package for use in automotive applications. Mass production is scheduled to start at the end of this month.


The product is fabricated with BiCD process, allowing introduction of a new WSON10 package line-up. This reduces the mounting area to approximately 30% that of equivalent products[1] in a SOP-8 package, contributing to the downsizing of equipment.

TPD1055FA Features

  • BiCD process(P-channel DMOS output@VDSS=40V)
  • Supply voltage: VDD(opr)=5 to 18V
  • Built-in protection and diagnostic functions:
    Protection functions: overcurrent, overtemperature
    Diagnostic functions: overcurrent, overtemperature, open load, short to VDD-output
  • Low Drain-Source ON-resistance
    RDS(ON)=0.12Ω(max)@VDD=8 to 18V, Io=-2A, Tch=25°C
  • Small package
    WSON10(3mm × 3mm)

TPD1055FA Applications

Automotive applications that use a 12V battery with a 3A or lower current, such as solenoid valve drives, mechanical relay drives, driving lamps, and load switches.


  • [1] Comparison with “TPD1038F” and “TPD1053F”.