Toshiba Launches a Unipolar Stepping Motor Driver IC – Sep 27, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of the “TB67S14x” constant current control motor driver series for unipolar stepping motors. The three motor drivers in the series realize a monolithic structure[2] and small package by using the industry’s leading 80V analog process. Evaluation sample shipments are scheduled to start from December, this year.


High speed, high power motor drives are required in applications that include amusement machines, home appliances and industrial equipment, where unipolar stepping motors are widely used. Driver ICs that operates such motors require a 60V or higher absolute maximum rating to hold tolerance against overshoot of reverse voltage, and a hybrid structure combining motor controllers and high voltage discrete FET (output circuit) or bipolar transistor is generally applied, resulting a large package size.

The “TB67S14x” series realize a monolithic structure by using a newly developed high voltage analog process, enabling adoption of a small package. The newly introduced QFN48 package reduces the mounting area to approximately 27% and the package volume to less than 2% that of equivalent products[3] in a HZIP25 package, and will contribute to equipment downsizing. The series does not require the highly accurate external resistance for current detection essential for a conventional constant current control motor driver IC, due to integration of Toshiba original current detecting circuit (ACDS[4]), which also reduces the number of materials.

Main Features of the New Product Series

Small package realized by monolithic structure
The industry’s leading high voltage process (BiCD 130nm, 80V) achieves a monolithic structure and small package. A monolithic structure also reduces power consumption, compared with a hybrid structure and bipolar transistor.
Integration of Toshiba original constant current detecting circuit (ACDS)
Integration of ACDS eliminates the need for highly accurate external resistance for constant current detection, reducing the number of materials.
Variety of package line-ups
Small QFN and HTSSOP packages reduce the mounting area, while the HSOP package enables flow mounting on a paper phenolic board and the HZIP package supports continuous motor drive with high current.
Built-in abnormality detection function
The product integrates a thermal shutdown circuit, overcurrent shutdown circuit, and undervoltage lockout circuit, contributing to highly reliable application operation.


Amusement machines; home appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners;, industrial equipment including banking terminals; and office automation equipment.

Main Specifications of the New Product Series

Product Name TB67S141 TB67S142 TB67S149
Absolute Maximum Ratings 80V, 3A
Package QFN48, HTSSOP48, HSOP28, and HZIP25
Excitation Mode 2-phase, 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase 2-phase, 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase, 2W1-2-phase, 4W1-2-phase, 8W1-2-phase
Other Features Built-in abnormality detection functions (thermal shutdown circuit, overcurrent shutdown circuit, and undervoltage lockout circuit). Built-in output function of abnormality detection flag (only the TB67S149)
Sequence-free of power supply by single power drive
Sample Shipment Schedule December, 2013



  • [1]: As of September 2013, in the market for monolithic motor driver ICs. Toshiba data.
  • [2]: One chip is used in one package
  • [3]: Compared with Toshiba’s existing product “TB6560AHQ”.
  • [4]: Advanced Current Detect System, which predicts the current of the motors and enables motor operation with highly accurate constant current.