Toshiba Expands Line-Up of FlashAir, the SDHC Memory Card with Embedded Wireless LAN Communications – Nov 13, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Toshiba Corporation today announced the expansion of its line-up of “FlashAir™”, the SDHC memory card with embedded wireless LAN communications, with the launch of the latest 32GB card. The new card will go on sale on November 16th in the Japanese market, and sales in markets around the world will follow.

FlashAir“FlashAir™” is an SDHC memory card that incorporates a wireless LAN chip set plus an antenna for wireless communications. The card supports wireless sharing and transfers of photos from digital cameras to smartphones and tablets.

The new 32GB card has a new feature, “Internet pass thru mode”, which enables Internet connection even while the smartphone is connected to FlashAir™, by using other access points, such as the wireless LAN router in the home. With the new feature, users do not have to manually change the wireless network settings of smartphones when downloading photos from the card to smartphones, uploading photos to SNS from a smartphone, or sending email.[1] The new feature can also be used in the current FlashAir™ W-02 line-up (product names: “SD-WC008G” and “SD-WC016G”) by updating the firmware of the card.[2]

Toshiba will reinforce and extend its leadership of the memory business by further enhancing its FlashAir™ line-up.

Outline of the New Product

Product Name Capacity Speed Class Price Start of Sales
SD-WD032G 32GB[3] Class 10 Open Nov. 16th, 2013 in Japan

Current Line-up in Japan

Product Name Capacity Speed Class
SD-WC008G 8GB Class 10
SD-WC016G 16GB Class 10

Main Specifications of the New Product

Series Name FlashAir™ W-02
Product Name SD-WD032G
Capacity 32GB
Speed Class Class 10
Compliant Standard SD Memory Card Standard Ver.4.00
Wireless LAN Standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n
Wireless LAN Security WEP, TKIP, AES(WPA, WPA2)
Power Supply Voltage 2.7-3.6V
Operating Environment Temperature: -25°C to 85°C
Relative humidity: 95% at 25°C (no condensation)
External Dimensions 32.0mm(L)×24.0mm(W)×2.1mm(T)
Weight Approx.2g
Wireless LAN
Supporting Regions
Please check the latest status on the following URL.


How the current FlashAir™ works

How the new FlashAir™ works



  • [1] It is necessary to set up the name of the access point (SSID) and the password in advance to use “Internet pass thru mode”. If you need to connect to a different SSID, it is necessary to set up the name of the access point and the password once again.
  • [2] The FlashAir™ firmware update download will be available from November 18th at the following website.
    “Internet pass thru mode” is not available for FlashAir™ Class 6 products (product names: “SD-WL008G” and “SD-WB008G”).
  • [3] The product is labeled based on the memory chip(s) it contains, not the amount of memory capacity available for data storage by the end user. Part of the capacity is reserved for card functionality. Minimum consumer-usable memory capacity is approximately 7.2GB for 8GB products, approximately 14.4GB for 16GB products and approximately 28.8GB for 32GB products.
    (For purposes of measuring memory capacity in this context, 1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes.)
  • * Product names above are for the Japanese market.
  • * FlashAir™ is trademark of Toshiba Corporation.