MSI Wind Top AE2282 And AE2282G All-in-One PC
MSI Wind Top AE2282 And AE2282G All-in-One PC

Oct 26, 2012– Taipei, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – MSI launches its all new 21.5 inch entertainment model, the Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G, that attempts to take the inspiration from its 22-inch All-in-One PC while preserving its excellent design as well as the classical models. MSI is looking forward to developing the new generation AIO to be the standard, and leading the edge of trends that makes innovative technology. The AE2282/AE2282G uses a Full HD display along with an industry-leading LED backlight technology, which saves about 30% more power than traditional CCFL panels. With MSI exclusive power-saving technology, it can save money for users on the infression age, as well as reach the concept of green PC positively.

The AE2282/AE2282G Compacts the Brand-New Windows 8 OS.

The Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G comes with Windows 8 pre-installed. The Windows 8 breaks the architecture by past Windows operating systems; whereas, it applies UI interface that based on the concept of Metro, which will allow users to interact with Windows 8 more instinctive and work more flexible even smoother. By Windows 8, the AE2282/AE2282G could be the fantasy platform for the new mobile generation, connecting several kinds of device together, such as the PCs, mobile phones, and tablet. Under the same Windows 8 environment, people can seamlessly and effortlessly share data, pictures, and files without time and location limitation. The ergonomic design allows you to operate the device with ease and enjoy joy endlessly.

Revolutionary 3rd-generation Intel® Core™ processors

The Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G are powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors manufactured with the latest 22 nm process. These new processors effectively enhance performance with reduced power consumption, and their graphics processing units are integrated into the CPUs on the same chips, which provides higher graphics capabilities, smoother high-definition video playback, as well as greater gaming experiences.

Military Class II components

The Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G are equipped with highly-stable and high-quality military-grade parts and components with SFC, solid state capacitors, and Hi-c Cap, which provide excellent stability, power efficiency, and performance. These three key components have passed U.S. Military Standard MIL-STD-810G certification and provide extra protection to ensure the system’s stable operation.

MSI Instant Display Technology

The Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G is equipped with an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port which allows the units to be connected to a second monitor. They support dual-screen display and can also output the screen to a larger display device, such as a projector or a large-screen LCD TV, making the AE2282/AE2282G more versatile and more efficient. For signal input, the exclusively developed MSI Instant Display Technology allows the screen to enter the “standby” mode when the All-in-One PC is turned on without the need to press the power button on the unit. The screen will be turned on immediately when a device is connected to the HDMI input port and if the AIO PC is also powered on, you can switch to the PC via the screen power button on the side panel. This technology saves even more power on the system.

Intelligent audio and video sharing

MSI has introduced the latest and exclusively developed Smart Media link on the Wind Top AE2282/AE2282G. Using cloud technology, users can use their tablets, laptops, TVs that support DLNA, and mobile handsets on the same Wi-Fi and LAN network to play videos and music or display photos instantaneously via Smart Media link.