Thales selected on-board the Falcon 5X – Oct 22, 2013– Las Vegas, USA (Techreleased) – Thales has been selected by Dassault Aviation to provide the electrical starter-generator and power conversion solution for its new business aircraft.

Falcon 5X
Falcon 5X

A ground-breaking aircraft, the Falcon 5X incorporates many inspiring innovations, including a Thales-built and optimized system for the conversion and generation of electrical power.

This is the first time that Dassault Aviation has chosen a brushless starter-generator for one of its aircraft. The combination of the electrical starting and power generation functions in a single unit, leads to a better trade-off between weight, size and power than on any other aircraft in the same category. The extensive use of electrical power in this new business jet represents a significant step forward in the move towards more environmentally-friendly aircraft and will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

The ship-set of Thales electrical components for the new Dassault Falcon draws on new technologies, which meet the energy requirements of a business aircraft with the highest levels of comfort and performance as well as the ability to start latest-generation engines that consume less fuel and produce less pollution. Each aircraft will be equipped with two starter-generators for the main engines, one starter-generator for the auxiliary power unit, three electronic regulators, one electronic starter converter and three transformer rectifier units.

Thales has extensive experience in electrical systems and proposes a range of different electrical starter, generator and converter technologies currently in service on board various types of large-capacity transport aircraft, regional transport aircraft, business jets and helicopters.