Swisscom 4G LTE Network
Swisscom 4G LTE Network

Nov 30, 2012– Berne, Switzerland  (Techreleased) – Swisscom will be the first provider in Switzerland with 4G/LTE, the next generation of mobile communications. That will give customers with a 4G/LTE-enabled smartphone or notebook plus a surf subscription even faster mobile Internet access while on the move. At the time of the launch, this new network will be available in 26 locations. Swisscom will work as quickly as possible during the next year to continue 4G/LTE expansion. The new network will cover 70 percent of the population by the end of 2013. Swisscom will launch Switzerland’s first 4G/LTE network on 29 November 2012. This new mobile communications technology not only permits considerably higher speeds but increased capacities, as well. More customers will be able to simultaneously transfer more data at higher speeds. That is becoming increasingly important to customers: watching TV while on the move, streaming music from the Internet or synchronising data with a computer at home or in the office – for many people, those are everyday applications in today’s world. As a result, the volume of data transmitted over the Swisscom mobile network is currently doubling every 16 months. The 4G/LTE network will make it possible to manage increasing data volumes in the future, as well.

All customers benefit from the next generation of mobile communications
All customers with a 4G/LTE-enabled smartphone or notebook and a surf subscription will benefit from the new network because its increased network capacity means that they have even faster Internet access while on the move. Natel infinity XL even lets customers surf the Internet at speeds of up to 100 Mbps while on the go. Swisscom is continuously expanding its range of 4G/LTE smartphones: HTC One XL will be available at the launch with Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G, and Nokia Lumia 920 to follow in early December. Swisscom also offers a USB modem for notebooks from Huawei and a mobile hotspot from ZTE. Apple will provide a software update in due course for customers with an iPhone 5 or one of the new iPads.

Swisscom extends its technology leadership
After a successful 4G/LTE pilot project in seven tourist regions and the cities of Berne and Zurich, Swisscom will now launch 4G/LTE in 26 locations. Frequencies of 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz are used to transmit the 4G/LTE signal. 70 percent of the population will be able to use the new network by the end of 2013. With this swift expansion Swisscom aims to underscore its claim of offering Switzerland’s best mobile network. The company will invest around CHF 1.5 billion in the expansion of its mobile network until 2016.

Next generation of mobile communications complements existing network
4G/LTE stands for the next generation of mobile networks. The Swisscom 4G/LTE network will be able to provide speeds of up to 150 Mbps during phase one and even reach up to 300 Mbps at a later date. 4G/LTE complements the existing networks which will continue to be operated and expanded over the years to come. Swisscom’s present 3G network already covers over 97 percent of the Swiss population and currently enables speeds of up to 42 Mbps.