Siemens adds a naturally ventilated variant to its range of Simotics built-in torque motors – Nov 26, 2013– Nuremberg, Germany (Techreleased) – Siemens Drive Technologies Division adds naturally ventilated built-in torque motors to its Simotics portfolio. With this variant, the advantages of the high-torque synchronous motors can now also be used where motors with water cooling cannot. This is the case, for example, if the process precludes the use of water in the machine or the use of water would be too expensive. The new variant within the Simotics T-1FW6 series is available in sizes 50 (outer diameter 159mm) and 60 (outer diameter 184 mm).

new variant within the Simotics T-1FW6 series
New variant within the Simotics T-1FW6 series

The self-ventilated built-in torque motors are especially suitable for applications in which relatively slow-running gearless driving is required with a large torque, for example, for driving rollers or swivel axes of measuring machines. Because the windings of the stator are encapsulated, the motors are very rugged. For additional air flow cooling, the stator is also fitted with cooling ribs on the surface of the frame. The heat produced in the stator winding is dissipated into the ambient air through these.