SAMSUNG Announces US Commercial Release of SAMSUNG XGEO GC80 Digital Radiography System – Nov 05, 2013– Ridgefield Park, USA (Techreleased) – Samsung Electronics America Inc. announced today the U.S. commercial release of its first Digital Radiology (DR) system, the Samsung XGEO GC80. The Samsung XGEO GC80, which received 510(k) approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this year, represents Samsung’s entrance into the DR market with a premium system offering advanced imaging technology, award-winning* design and user-friendly workflows to meet the demands of the 21st century radiology departments.


Developed as part of Samsung’s commitment to delivering healthcare technology that is accurate, easy and fast, the XGEO GC80 provides a spectrum of diagnostic and patient-centric tools aligned to meet the various demands and needs of both care provider and patient. From workflow to dose management, Samsung’s digital X-ray technology balances science with purpose without jeopardizing image quality.

“The Samsung XGEO GC80 will provide an innovative alternative in the digital radiology market, leveraging Samsung’s deep expertise in advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design,” said Doug Ryan, Group Vice President for Health and Medical Equipment at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “The Samsung XGEO GC80 provides exceptional image quality and departmental workflows through automation that is essential for both provider and patient care.”

Utilizing a Samsung TFT-based flat panel detector, the XGEO GC80 system incorporates proprietry Adaptive Local Contrast Stretching (ALCOS) software with automatic, customizable post-image processing for optimizing contrast and edge sharpness. This enables the system to deliver high image quality, fast results and provide diagnostic confidence across diverse applications.

The award-winning ergonomic design features complement the Samsung XGEO GC80’s advanced image quality. Integrating Samsung’s sophisticated robotics technology, the soft handling function allows users to reposition the THU (Tube Head Unit) with an easy movement for improved workflow and reduced fatigue. With dedicated “auto” features, including positioning, tracking and parking, the XGEO GC80 combines modern efficiency with user convenience and patient safety. Audio/visual indicators highlight each procedural step, helping to simplify and enhance patient/provider interactions.