RFD5500 Sled Transforms Motorola’s Mobile Computers Into RFID Handheld Readers – Nov 19, 2013– Detroit, USA (Techreleased) – Motorola Solutions, Inc.  today announced the RFD5500 UHF RFID sled that can instantly turn the MC65, MC67 and various models of the MC55 mobile computer into lightweight, rugged, handheld RFID readers that deliver fast read rates and improved productivity for retail storefronts, warehouses and field applications.



  • Because of the RFD5500’s superior read range and coverage area, there is no need to precisely align the reader with the tag – enabling RFID data to be quickly and accurately captured.
  • The RFD5500 offers a unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues to quickly guide a worker to the precise location of any desired item. As the device moves closer to a specific item, a tone beeps louder and faster, while a sliding graphical bar increases in size enabling mobile workers to quickly locate any individual item.
  • By bundling two best-in-class data capture technologies in one accessory, businesses can now purchase and manage fewer devices helping improve productivity and lower their total cost of ownership.