HX95 Full LED TV
HX95 Full LED TV

Aug 30, 2012–Berlin,Germany(Techreleased) –Reveal the beauty with the new HX95 Full LED TV from Sony


• Enjoy an immersive Full LED picture from a slim TV design
• See beautiful 2D and 3D detail with X-reality PRO
• Go online with built in Wi-Fi for the latest catch-up TV, movies, music, apps and more

Images that shine bright
From dark to light and everything in between, the HX95 brings you immersive viewing that’s bright and clear. Whether you’re watching in 2D or 3D, a unique Full LED screen shows rich colours, high contrast and natural, realistic movement, all from a slim, minimalist design. It’s image quality that’s true to life.

Bright whites and deep blacks
Turn on the HX95 and everything soon becomes clear. The Full LED screen arranges LED Lights into precise zones behind the picture to raise and lower brightness exactly where needed; delivering brilliant light in bright image areas and dimming dark areas completely. It saves energy, reveals more detail and ensures a higher contrast than a conventional LED TV.


Improve the look of whatever you watch
The HX95 makes TV pictures come alive. X-Reality PRO, the innovative intelligent image processor from Sony, enhances the details of whatever you’re watching. So whether it’s Internet video, your favourite TV show or the latest 3D movie, X-reality PRO sharpens and adds texture to set you up for a thrilling view.

Go online wirelessly for music and movies
Nothing you like on TV? With Sony Internet TV the only limit is your imagination. The HX95 gives you direct access to the Sony Entertainment Network through built-in Wi-Fi. It’s a world of streaming HD movies, millions of songs, catch-up TV, a web browser and apps like Twitter™, Facebook®, YouTube™, Skype™ and more. You’ll never be bored on the sofa again.

Smooth lines, slim design
The HX95 looks as good as the refined TV picture it shows. It has a cool, minimalist design to complement the style of your living room. to the TV is crafted from high-quality materials with an aluminium stand that lets you position your TV on low furniture between 0 and 6 degrees for the ideal viewing position


“The HX95 brings together our latest innovations, such as a Full LED backlight, to raise the bar in picture performance,” says Kentaro Matsumoto, TV Product Manager at Sony Europe, “as people find even more ways to stay entertained, from online videos to on-demand movies, the HX95 offers a deeply immersive picture which really pulls them into the viewing experience.”