Renogy Rethinks Mobile Energy With Lycan Powerbox Solar Powered Generator

Renogy Rethinks Mobile Energy With Lycan Powerbox Solar Powered Generator  – Sep 12, 2017 – Ontario, California (Techreleased) – Renogy, a leading expert in renewable and non-traditional energy, announces the Lycan Powerbox is now available after its successful Indiegogo campaign. Lycan is a personal energy solution that transforms the power of the sun into easy-to-use and dependable energy.  A quiet, efficient and pollution-free portable solar generator, the Lycan is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and is the first to feature a swappable lithium-iron phosphate battery, the most reliable and cleanest battery in the world.

Renogy Rethinks Powerbox Solar

The ideal power source for camping, tailgating or survivalist excursions, the Lycan Powerbox features a rugged exterior for meeting unexpected situations head on with heavy-duty wheels for effortless movement, and extended handles to easily maneuver it on any setting.  Unlike conventional gas generators that use motors and discharges fumes, the Lycan is 100% battery powered, making it safe to use indoors during emergencies or as a way to reduce energy related expenses.

“The Lycan PowerBox is incredibly intuitive and uses the best battery technology available for outstanding reliability and safety,” says Yi Li, CEO of Renogy.  “Our interchangeable lithium-ion phosphate battery has a lifespan of over 2000 cycles, or almost 40 years if used once a week.  The Lycan does everything for you, simply plug your appliances and devices in and forget about energy issues.”

The Lycan Powerbox has a maximum solar input of 300 watts and can be fully charged in 4 hours using 3 solar panels.  It can also be charged through wall outlets and by using car charging inputs.  Its built-in USB and AC/DC outputs are compatible with a full range of devices and appliances, allowing consumers to simultaneously charge and power multiple items including smartphones, TVs, laptops, microwaves, refrigerators, cameras, lamps, medical equipment, and more.

With the launch of Lycan, Renogy has partnered with Bread to allow customers to pay for their purchase with simple monthly installments.   Customers can choose this ‘Pay Over Time’ option at checkout for purchases.

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