Renault Trucks Defense and Thales present a new mobile, integrated command post – Nov 19, 2013– Paris, France (Techreleased) – Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and Thales are presenting for the first time, the new version of the MIDS tactical command post vehicle, integrating a mobile system for managing large-scale events and crises. The two firms, both leaders in their fields, have joined forces to offer a solution for armoured vehicles designed for forward operations and crisis centres.

MIDS tactical command post vehicle
MIDS tactical command post vehicle

This new turnkey packaged solution is designed for public security missions, protection and coordination for urban events, and for crisis management and law enforcement.

The mobile, interconnected command post is equipped with all the systems required to keep track of a tactical picture in real-time, using a suite of communications and command systems (professional mobile radio, LTE or 4G technology, satcom). The vehicle is thus able to centralise information from field units and issue new instructions in real-time. Thanks to its collaborative systems, MIDS can share information with its command centre and higher levels of command as operations proceed.

The vehicle presented at Milipol is equipped with three workstations and two commanding officer stations. It incorporates perimeter videosurveillance subsystems, a mini-UAV and an observation camera. The crew can deploy the mini-UAV to provide visibility one kilometre ahead and collect images in real time. The vehicle is very mobile and well protected, allowing the crew to monitor an event and/or crisis continuously in complete safety. The Battlenet Inside network seamlessly integrates all the systems to bring real-time on-screen information to the vehicle’s driver and commander.

Renault Trucks Defense and Thales are long-standing partners. Together, they offer customers packaged solutions combining C4I ready platforms from Renault Trucks Defense and information and command systems from Thales.