Polar Introduces The Polar M430, A Running Watch Built For Accuracy And Actionable Data

Polar Introduces The Polar M430, A Running Watch Built For Accuracy And Actionable Data – April 10, 2017– Kempele, Finland (Techreleased) – Polar, the leader in wearable sports and fitness technology for 40 years, announces an exciting addition to their running portfolio, the Polar M430. Equipped with Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate technology, integrated GPS, and personalized, adaptive training guidance, Polar M430 is the ideal tool for runners aiming to reach their personal best. The design is fully waterproof and features a lightweight, breathable wristband and vibration alerts to inform runners exactly when they’re hitting goals during training.

The Polar M430 Running Watch

Learn more about the new Polar M430 here.

“There are plenty of products that track heart rate or GPS metrics, but Polar M430 is the best for three key reasons,” says Tom Fowler, President of Polar U.S.A. “First, we’ve put 40 years of experience, research and development into creating the most accurate technology in the market. The M430 is the purest expression of that capability. If you care about accuracy, and you should, the M430 really stands out. Second, we’ve leapt beyond simple delivery of ‘dumb data’ that has defined the sports watch category for years. Polar M430 tracks your biometrics and delivers a real-time view into how your body is reacting to exercise. Now, during a session you’ll know if you’re on target to accomplish the training goal of the day. Third, Polar M430 and Polar Flow tell you how the session benefitted your overall training, how it translates into expected race finish times, and how much time you’ll need to recover. This unique portfolio of capabilities distinguishes the M430 in the sports watch category.”

Polar’s industry-leading accuracy, paired with the company’s proprietary Smart Coaching and adaptive Polar Running Program, make Polar M430 the stand-out running watch in the category. An all-in-one device, Polar M430 provides wrist-based heart rate measurement during training, integrated GPS and core running metrics, and sleep tracking and recovery metrics. Reliable heart rate technology and hardware is not something Polar takes lightly, which is why their latest running watch features Polar’s industry-leading heart rate algorithms, designed and tested for reliability, as well as a proprietary optical heart rate solution with 6-LEDs optimized for Polar M430.

“I recently joined Polar’s team of endurance athletes, and what immediately drew me to the brand was not only their consistent and reliable running data, but also their passion for making that data understandable to anyone,” said Molly Huddle, Olympic runner and American record holder. “As a pro, I have coaches guiding me through trainings, reviewing my data, and tracking how I’m performing daily as well as over time. But most runners, even many international class runners, don’t have that luxury. These athletes need the proper training guidance and the Polar M430 delivers just that. It becomes your coach, keeping you on track during a session and, post-workout, making training and recovery easy to understand.”

Polar M430 offers a selection of GPS power modes that extend battery life to nearly 30 hours. The running watch can also connect to Polar Balance for holistic weight management tracking and guidance.

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