Pantech Unveils VEGA Secret Note – Oct 21, 2013– Seoul, Korea (Techreleased) – Pantech is bracing up for another leap into leading the market once again with its exclusive “VEGA Secret Note.”

VEGA Secret Note
VEGA Secret Note

Pantech held a media day event at the Pantech R&D Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul on Oct. 10 and introduced its innovative VEGA Secret Note (IM-A890S/K/L), which is available through the nation’s three mobile telecommunication carriers next week.

The VEGA Secret Note’s advanced features include the world’s first built-in pen (V Pen) and enhanced rear side fingerprint recognition that is the world’s first LTE-A-supported function. The phone’s name ‘Secret Note’ emphasizes its differentiating features.

Personalized note V Pen with ‘rear touch’ maximizes user friendliness with 6” large screen

V Pen, a built-in capacitive touch pen makes the 6” large screen phone even more user-friendly. When users pulls out the V Pen, the ‘pen cover’ allows related applications such as ‘Mini V Note’ and ‘Test Action’ as well as user-specified applications to pop up for quick implementation. The ‘Pop Note’ function allows users to write memos on the flip window while the smart flip cover remains closed when they pull out the V Pen.

Users can create various effects with the V Pen using the built-in V Note application. V Note provides 22 brush types in diverse patterns such as a fountain pen and a fluorescent pen with which users can write simple memos and even draw sophisticated pictures. In addition to the basic 27 types of flashcons, users can create their own flashcons for added fun.

Pantech also made advances with the rear touch function that allows users to operate the large screen phone with one hand. Users can answer the phone or tack pictures by pressing the Secret key located on the rear side of the phone. This optimized one-hand operability is available in various widgets, enabling users to move the cursor and execute functions using the rear touch function.

Exclusive Secret 2.0 ensures powerful privacy protection

The ‘Secret Key’ mounted with the fingerprint recognition sensor has become even more powerful. The VEGA Secret Note’s exclusive ‘Secret Box’ and ‘Secret Phonebook’ strengthens VEGA’s differentiated privacy protection function in addition to the existing secret mode, a customized security mode that allows users to release screen locks or hide certain screens through fingerprint recognition.

‘Secret Box’ is a protective function that prevents others from accessing personal content. Users can select the pictures, videos and multimedia files they want from those stored in the smartphone and separately store them in the secret box. Since the files in the secret box can be accessed only after they are released through the user’s specified unlocking type (fingerprint, pattern or password), privacy and personal information can be completely protected. To ensure higher security, confidential personal data such as banking data or login data can be encrypted using the Secret Memopad.

Users can hide their contact lists through ‘Secret Phonebook’ by selecting and registering them in the Secret Phonebook. All messages and calls with the contact lists in the Secret Phonebook are can only be accessed through fingerprint authentication. Caller ID from the number registered in the Secret Phonebook can be hidden, and the unanswered calls and message notice icons can be changed to user specified icons.

3GB RAM and USB host function provides a more powerful performance than PC

Compared to the 2GB memory in the latest smartphones, The VEGA Secret Note features 3GB of RAM and provides a multitasking environment comparable to PCs. It can run large-capacity applications simultaneously without any speed deterioration and provides a multi-web browsing environment suitable with its large screen.

The VEGA Secret Note is the first phone to use a USB host, only available on PCs until now. The function enables users to easily exchange files with various IT devices (mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, USB memory, etc.) without a PC. For example, users can check and save pictures on the phone and even upload them to SNS (connected through the OTG cable) by connecting a digital camera without having to transfer them to a PC.

Exclusive 6” full screen multimedia realizes superior Natural IPS Pro Full HD display and outstanding sound

The VEGA Secret Note also boasts excellent display and sound customized for the high-resolution, high-capacity multimedia content of LTE-A and maximizes the joy of viewing and listening.

Its 5.9” large screen is optimized for full HD viewing, and the Natural IPS Pro full HD display realizes bright and clear images. With the external Home key, the whole 5.9” screen allows for full-screen viewing. The V Pen with a hinge at the head part can be used as support to add to the viewing convenience.

Furthermore, the FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) that allows for the compressing of audio data without the loss of quality provides 24bit 192 KHz sound, better than an CD, so that users can hear the vivid original sound, adding to the joy of listening.

Innovative UX features Design Home for personalization, Smart Flip 2.0, rainbow writing, webpage text relayed in audio form, and a super battery pack

– Design Home

With the ‘Design Home,’ users can design their own background screen by laying out photos or icons wherever they want without downloading a separate launcher. Moreover, users can share their own designed home screen with others through the import and export functions.

– Smart Flip 2.0

The ‘Smart Flip,’ which enables the use of basic functions such as telephone, messaging and calendar through the flip cover window even while the cover is closed, has been significantly upgraded. Users can operate the watch (2 digital watches and 2 analog watches), calendar and music player functions with a right and left flicking motion. Even if the cover is closed, video or DMB content is played on the flip cover window without interruption. The camera and V Note can be enabled on the flip cover window through the VEGA Gift Pack to be available in the future.

– Rainbow Writing The VEGA Secret Note adds LED to the Home key to present the main notices such as incoming calls or message receipt through unique and sensible colors. Users can also customize the LED color for various situations (alarm, application notice, phone call or message receipt from a specific person or group saved in the phonebook) for more practicability.

– Webpage Listening

The webpage listening function, like an audio book, enables webpage text to be relayed in audio form. It can run in parallel to other functions, and multiple webpages can be saved into a list to be listened more conveniently.

– Super Battery Pack

The VEGA Secret Note boasts the world’s largest battery capacity of any smartphone, 3,200 mAh, and fast battery charging technology that fully recharges the phone’s battery in just two hours. As the level of total power consumption has been drastically reduced in this new model, users are free from worries over short battery life.

The VEGA Secret Note uses the latest Android 4.2.2 OS and is available in white and black.

“The VEGA Secret Note is the best smartphone that maximizes the joy of viewing and user friendliness with 5.9” large screen, V Pen and Smart Flip,” Pantech Vice President and Head of Marketing Park Chang-jin said and added, “The VEGA Secret Note is an excellent phone that proves Pantech’s real value and redefines the VEGA brand’s uniqueness in the LTE-A market.”