Pantech releases in US market newest installment of million-seller Breeze series, Breeze IV – Nov 14, 2013– Detroit, USA (Techreleased) – Pantech is looking to strengthen its overseas business to secure profitability in and lead the highly competitive global cell phone market.

Pantech’s Breeze IV
Pantech’s Breeze IV

Pantech announced on Nov. 8 the launch in the United States of its Breeze IV mobile phone for AT&T. The Breeze series has ranked as a million-seller product in that country three times in a row.

First released in May 2008, Breeze  was an entry-level flip phone fit for consumers of all age. Its oversized display, large keypad and quick-call keys not to mention its excellent call quality created a sensation in the US market. Breeze Ⅰ earned the best smart phone rating in 2008, according to that year’s Consumer Reports, and became a million selling mobile phone thanks to its winning combination of original technology, high quality and market power.

On the strength of the first version of Breeze, Breeze , released in May 2010, and Breeze , released in July 2011 , sold respectively 1.5 million units and 2 million units. All models of the Breeze series have been million-sellers in the US market.

Pantech’s Breeze IV is sure to appeal to a wide range of users. This uncomplicated clamshell phone offers an easy mode which allows users to easily access vital functions including the phone book, the text messaging system, the alarm and the pre-programmable quick-call keys located below the screen.

The release of Breeze IV reinforces the stability of the Breeze series in the overseas market and is expected to strengthen Pantech’s share in that market and secure even greater profitability for the company.

Kang Dae-jun, a director of Pantech’s overseas business department commented, “Breeze IV, the most recent offering in the Breeze series, was launched after our overseas strategy was revamped. As the popularity of the Breeze series has already been proven, we expect that Breeze IV will write another million-selling chapter in the series’ history. Adding Pantech Breeze IV to our existing lineup of inexpensive flip phones, which currently guarantee stable income, Pantech will continue in its efforts to lead overseas markets through close collaborations with local operators.”

Pantech has successfully expanded its operation in the Northern American market thanks to its solid partnerships with major service providers like AT&T, the largest carrier in North America, and Verizon Wireless. In particular, Pantech has been ranked first for 10 consecutive periods, from January 2010 to April 2013, on AT&T’s Supplier Performance Review, surpassing such major mobile phone manufacturing firms as Samsung, Apple and Nokia, proving its superiority in product quality and technology.