Panasonic Australia releases innovative wireless video intercom system – Oct 03, 2013– Sydney, Australia (Techreleased) – Panasonic Australia has released a convenient video intercom system with a wireless handset which lets you see who’s at the door, as you move around your homei.

Panasonic VL-SW250BX
Panasonic VL-SW250BX

The new system uses a camera mounted outside the front door, and a fixed and a wireless video monitor inside the home.

Marcus Vongpraseuth, Product Marketing Manager, Security, Panasonic said: “This allows the user to easily monitor visitors via the LCD screen of a portable wireless handset – much more flexible and convenient than traditional fixed systems.”

“It can be installed in private homes and we also offer solutions for multiple users in apartment buildings. We expect it to be a popular addition when building or renovating dwellings, as its small and slim-line design fits attractively into the home décor.”

Via the handset or the fixed indoor monitor, users can view and speak with visitors, and open the door.

The slim monitor and handset have convenient voice activated answering, so if you are occupied with cooking or other tasks, you can speak with the visitor without pressing the intercom button.

Key features

The Panasonic VL-SW250BX wireless video intercom system includes a door station with camera for seeing and hearing activity outside the front door; an indoor monitor with a 5.2 inch colour screen that uses Panasonic’s IPS technology for clear viewing at wide angles; and a wireless handset with a 1.8-inch LCD screen. Options include a vandal-resistant door station and a lobby station for apartments or flats.

The new system is designed to be fast and easy for a professional installer to set up in the home and can be expanded as required with additional wireless monitors and repeaters – for example in installations such as multi-storey homes with outdoor entertaining areas.

Another convenient feature is the ability to make calls between the indoor monitor and handset. It is also possible to record images of visitors when you are away from home.

Pricing for the Panasonic VL-SW250BX wireless video intercom system is $699 RRP(not including installation) for a three-piece kit with the outdoor camera and fixed and wireless video monitor. It is available now from Panasonic distributor EOS Australia.