SR-DF181WST Rice Cookers
SR-DF181WST Rice Cookers

Feb 09, 2013– Sydney, Australia  (Techreleased) – Panasonic Australia has expanded its range of user-friendly versatile Rice Cookers, featuring innovative Fuzzy Logic technology to precisely adjust the temperature and cooking time for perfect results each time.

Prue Sheehan, Product Marketing Manager – Whitegoods and Small Appliances, Panasonic Australia, said: “Our easy-to-use Rice Cookers are designed to cook perfect rice each time and also offer a range of other versatile, healthy meal options including soups, porridge and other tasty dishes such as dumplings.”

The new 1.8L and 1.0L DF Series Rice Cookers – SR-DF181WST and SR-DF101WST – feature Fuzzy Logic technology. When cooking rice, Fuzzy Logic technology does all the thinking for you. This clever technology controls cooking temperatures based on the amount of rice and water for perfectly cooked rice each time.

The versatile Rice Cookers also have a steaming basket allowing users to cook different meals simultaneously. Program modes for cooking rice include white rice, brown rice and sticky rice as well as Quick Cook mode for time-poor users.

The new Rice Cookers can be used to cook porridge and soups while the steam basket allows you to prepare delicious dumplings, healthy steamed vegetables or fish. One-touch operation allows you to access the four main programs simply by pushing one button on the front panel. For added convenience, the Rice Cookers keep rice warm for up to five hours at the perfect temperature.

The range boasts a lightweight, compact design to complement any contemporary kitchen. The non- stick black fluorine surface makes it easy to empty the rice at the end of the steaming cycle and quick and easy to clean the appliance. The DF Series Rice Cookers also feature a removable inner pan for added convenience and the power cord can be removed for tidy storage. Included with the new Rice Cookers are a handy rice scoop, measuring cup and steam basket.

SR-DF101WST Rice Cookers
SR-DF101WST Rice Cookers

The new models join the popular DE Series Rice Cookers and are available now from leading home appliance retailers. For more information on Panasonic Rice cookers visit or call 132 600.

Model Capacity RRP
SR-DF181WST 1.8L DF Series 10 uncooked cups / 20 cooked cups $109
SR-DF101WST 1.0L DF Series 5 uncooked cups / 10 cooked cups $89