Oct 02-06, 2012 — CEATEC JAPAN 2012 Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the world there are now movements towards the creation of an energy-efficient society that connects individuals, lifestyles, mobility, business, industries and social systems through the use of network technology.
From digital networks to smart innovation. Innovation in IT and electronics have led to the creation of smart technology that makes our lives and society in general more comfortable, and CEATEC JAPAN’s mission is to relay these Japanese-origin smart innovations to the world.

  • To allow visitors to experience the newest technologies, products, systems and software for the digital network age, and the convergence of communications, information and imaging technologies.
  • To function as a highly specific exhibition capturing the interest and responding to the needs of users by presenting the industries’ latest achievements and trends.
  • As Asia’s largest interactive exhibition of information on the communications, information and imaging fields, to present the achievements, trends and vitality of the industry to the world.
  • To gather industry organizations to present clear social messages, thereby supporting industrial development and contributing to lifestyles, economies and society in the digital network age.