New Xperia camera apps to help you scan, file and edit your photos – Nov 18, 2013– London, UK (Techreleased) – Since we first introduced our smart social camera platform with the Xperia Z1 back in September, the team at Developer World has been busy working with new partners to keep the flow of innovative smart camera apps coming. Over the last few weeks we’ve launched three new Xperia camera apps, with a few more in the barrel before the end of the year…

Xperia camera apps
Xperia camera apps

First up – Evernote. Evernote’s smart social camera integration ports the camera functionality from its standalone app into the smart social camera ecosystem. The app allows you to take photos, tag and edit them before uploading to your Evernote notebooks and, importantly, it allows you to do all this from inside the viewfinder. Want to remember the restaurant review you just read on the train or that gift idea you just saw? No problem.  Just load up the camera app, switch it into Evernote mode and snap away.

Next up – Quick PDF Scanner. This does pretty much what it says on the tin; doing so quickly and elegantly. It’s a great tool for the pro on the go – snap photos in Quick PDF mode and you can easily stitch them together to capture and save multi-page PDF documents, add cover pages and perform all the editing you need to create quick, functional PDFs.

Motionshot – Motionshot allows users to take multiple photos of a moving object and condense them all down into one animated sequence. The animated shot can then be uploaded and shared via social networks at the press of a button. It’s available in select markets, shooting to more over the next few months!

There are more exciting apps on the way so keep an eye on the smart social camera tag over the coming weeks.