New Molecular Imaging Products Deliver Quantitative Accuracy For Improved Diagnoses – June 26, 2018 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Techreleased) – GE Healthcare showcased new molecular imaging and software solutions at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) 2018 that will help deliver the vision of precision health, giving personalized, quantitative data to clinicians. The company highlighted a new configuration for Discovery MI, the highest sensitivity digital PET in the industry.[1] The new 800 series includes five nuclear medicine scanners addressing a range of clinical and operational needs.

PET Imaging

Discovery MI helps clinicians to diagnose and stage disease earlier and better guide treatment strategies while also enabling more compelling research with more novel, faster decaying tracers. Now available in the 21 cps/kBq ultra-high sensitivity configuration, clinicians will be able to scan three times as fast or at one third the dose.[2] Discovery MI delivers up to two times improvement in volumetric resolution2 enabling small lesion detectability and has the highest NEMA sensitivity of any time of flight (TOF) PET system in the industry.

Discovery MI is the industry’s only PET/CT system that brings together the sensitivity of digital detection with innovative reconstruction technology—the combination of TOF, unique respiratory motion management, and Q.Clear, resulting in outstanding resolution to improve the detection of small lesions. Providing up to two times improvement in quantitation accuracy and image quality, Q.Clear delivers fast and efficient reading for confident diagnosis and precise patient treatment response assessment.

GE Healthcare has the longest history in the industry in digital PET and over 125 installations, including PET/MR. Discovery MI is the industry’s only upgradable and scalable digital PET platform, now available in a three (7.5 cps/kBq sensitivity), four (13.5 cps/kBq sensitivity), and five (21 cps/kBq sensitivity) ring configurations. Clinicians can upgrade in-house to deliver a higher sensitivity; with this flexibility, this system is a long-term, fully scalable investment that will allow hospitals to upgrade as patient and department needs change over the years.

Nuclear Medicine

The new 800 series includes NM 830, NM/CT 850[3], NM/CT 860, NM/CT 860 DR, NM/CT 870 CZT, and a new nuclear medicine workstation, Xeleris 4 DR—all designed to help clinicians achieve exceptional outcomes. In this twentieth year of SPECT/CT, this new family of nuclear medicine systems leverages the company’s history of nuclear medicine innovation in a wide range of clinical environments to provide clinical, patient, and operational outcomes. GE Healthcare was the first company to deliver a commercial SPECT/CT at SNM 1999 with Millennium VG Hawkeye.