Modbook Inc. Unveils Updated Modbook Pro Lineup – Oct 25, 2013– Los Angeles, USA (Techreleased) –  Creative technologies developer Modbook Inc. today announced an updated lineup for the Modbook® Pro, its versatile Wacom® Penabled® tablet, adding a new 2.3GHz Intel® Core™ i5 Modbook Pro for as low as $2,699 with Mac® OS X® 10.9 Mavericks or $2,799 with Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional, and including a minimum of 620GB of mobile storage (upgradeable to approximately 3TB) with every Modbook Pro.

Modbook Pro
Modbook Pro

The 2.3GHz i5 Modbook Pro with Mac or Windows configurations is available beginning today, and prices for the current 2.5GHz and 2.9GHz Modbook Pro models have been reduced. The 2.5GHz i5 Modbook Pro now starts at $2,849 with Mac OS X Mavericks or $2,949 with Windows 7 Professional, and the 2.9GHz i7 Modbook Pro starts at $2,999 with Mac OS X Mavericks or $3,099 with Windows 7 Professional. Each model includes 4GB of RAM upgradeable to 16GB. All models in the new lineup now include a 120GB Sanshara™ solid-state drive (previously 80GB) in the primary internal storage bay, upgradeable to 480GB.

A major boost of storage capacity has also arrived: customers can now choose to permanently replace the 8x SuperDrive® DVD burner in the Modbook Pro’s secondary internal storage bay with either an internal 500GB or 1TB Nishara™ solid-state drive. Combined with the primary storage bay, this enables customers to configure their Modbook Pro with nearly 1.5TB of internal solid-state storage — up to three times more than any other portable computer. Modbook Pros with this secondary SSD configuration will ship with an alternate enclosure that has no optical drive bay slot.

Additionally, Modbook Inc. today is introducing a new accessory for the Modbook Pro: an external mini-drive storage solution called the Modbook Shuttle. Every Modbook Pro now ships with a 500GB Modbook Shuttle. This hard disk drive-based solution has USB 3.0 connectivity and is included with the Modbook Pro at no additional cost, giving every Modbook Pro at least 620GB of mobile storage.

When configuring their Modbook Pro, customers can upgrade the storage of their Modbook Shuttles to 1TB or 1.5TB hard disk drives, or for maximum speed and portable data safety to 500GB or 1TB Modbook Nishara™ solid-state drives. Customers can also upgrade from the USB 3.0 Modbook Shuttle to a Modbook Shuttle with both USB 3.0 and FireWire connectivity.

The newly introduced storage options for the Modbook Pro give it a range of mobile storage possibilities (including the Modbook Shuttle) from 620GB to approximately 3TB.

A powerful workstation for creative and general users, the Modbook Pro* seamlessly transforms an Apple® MacBook® Pro computer into a pen tablet computer with 1,024 levels of pen pressure sensitivity that can natively run both Mac OS X and Windows in a dual-boot configuration.

The Modbook Pro now fully supports the newly released OS X 10.9 Mavericks operating system. Since Mavericks is a free upgrade to the Modbook Pro’s previous operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, all existing Modbook Pro users can upgrade their systems to Mavericks and take advantage of its compelling new features at no additional cost.

“We’re excited about these new enhancements to the Modbook Pro,” said Modbook CEO Andreas E. Haas. “With its expanded storage, useful tablet features, and unrivaled speed, the Modbook Pro delivers a lot of value and blows away most tablets when you consider its power and versatility as a Mac and Windows device.”

The new Modbook Pro lineup is available to order at Modbook Inc.’s online store at Additional information about the Modbook Pro’s features and technical specifications is available at