Apr 18, 2013– Tokyo, Japan  (Techreleased) – Mitsubishi Electric Corporationannounced today it has developed a series of large-capacity intelligent power modules (IPMs) mainly for application in electric and hybrid vehicles. Sample shipments of two J-Series IPM (TYPE+B) models will start August 5 and mass production is expected to begin in 2014.


J-Series IPM (TYPE+B) models will be exhibited at Power Conversion Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany on May 14-16.

Power modules for automobiles offer higher reliability than industrial-use modules due to extremely high standards for vehicle safety. Mitsubishi Electric pioneered the mass production of power modules for hybrid vehicles in 1997, and since then the demand for these modules has grown in parallel with the expanding global market for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Sample Products

Series Package Model Specifications Saturation Voltage
(Typ, Ic=Ratings, Tj=25℃)
Sample Shipment
TYPE+B PM500CJG120G 500A/1200V
(6-in-1 package)
2.0V Aug. 5, 2013
PM800CJG060G 800A/600V
(6-in-1 package)

Features of Sample Products

1) Large-capacity IPM for automotive motors

J-Series TYPE+B series offers a choice of 600V/800A and 1,200V/500A models.
Larger current capacity than existing TYPE-B models, but with same footprint area.
Built-in power supplies for IGBT drive and logic circuits.
2) All-in-one IPM for automotive motors

Low-loss 3-phase CSTBTTM inverter configuration with built-in control-power supply circuit, optimized IGBT drive & protection circuit, and high-grade isolation photo-couplers.
High-accuracy analog temperature monitor for chip center.