Lightweight and High-speed Transmission, Team Group’s PD200 Small Portable Drive – Oct 25, 2013– Taipei, Taiwan (Techreleased) – Team Group Incorporated, the global leader in memory storage products released the PD200 Ultra-speed portable drive. Equipped with SSD and USB3.0 high-speed transmission interface, it is only the size of a name card, 8.6mm in thickness. The lightweight product brings ultra-speed convenience beyond imagination.

Team PD200 small portable drive
Team PD200 small portable drive

The 1.8” Team PD200 small portable drive with SSD features high quality built-in flash memory and uses a new generation of USB 3.0 high-speed transmission interface. Compared to the traditional hard drives, it is without a mechanical structure, thus greatly reducing the probability of product failure, while featuring temperature resistance, anti-shock, mute and low power consumption. The PD200’s read and write speed reaches up to 250MB/120MB per second. Take the time needed to transmit a 2GB file for instance, the speed is 2.3 times faster than the traditional USB3.0 external disc and 11 times faster than a USB3.0 flash drive, thus indicating its stunning performance. Notebook and Desktop users can now enjoy the ultimate performance of SSD when accessing files through the portable PD200.

Team PD200 is only the size of a name card, merely 8.6mm in thickness. Compared to smartphones with big screens, it is truly the ultimate in lightweight devices. It is blue black in appearance and the frame ring in bold and eye-catching orange yellow is also something new. The leather gives a meticulous touch, with anti-slip, anti-abrasion and non-stick fingerprint features. The thoughtful LED indicator design also helps identify the device’s operational status. Team PD200 comes with three capacities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. It not only allows users to easily and effectively access all kinds of high-quality audio and video data and graphic files, when compared to bulky USB3.0 flash drives and traditional external discs available on the market, it is a 3C boutique item with high CP index! Team Group Inc. has also included leather holsters and cable lines in every package for your unlimited enjoyment.

As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services.

Team Group PD200 Specification:

Model PD200
Interface USB 3.0
Capacity 64GB/128GB/256GB
Reading/Writing 64GB

Read: 250MB/s Max ; Write: 100MB/s Max

128GB- 256GB

Read: 250MB/s Max ; Write: 120MB/s Max

Power DC +5V
Dimensions 93x 53.8 x 8.6mm (1.8″)
Weight 36g
Operating System Support Power Saving Mode
LED Reveal YES
Warranty 3 years