LG Washing Machine Maintains World’s Largest Market Share For Seven Consecutive Year – Mar 26, 2015– Seoul, Korea (Techreleased) –LG Electronics  announced that it has held the greatest market share in the global washing machine market for its seventh consecutive year in 2014, with 12.4 percent of all washing machines sold.

LG Washing Machine
LG Washing Machines

Infront-load washing machines, LG held the global number one market share for six consecutive years, including a record-breaking 14.7 percent share in 2014.What’s more, LG held the number one position in front-load washers in the highly competitive U.S. market, for the eighth consecutive year.

The success of LG washers can be attributed to a number of innovative advances in washer technology. For example, the Direct Drive motor, attached directly to the washer’s drum, which increases performance and durability. LG’s 6 Motion technology has a touch as delicate as handwashing, helping to reduce wrinkles and damage to clothes. Another important innovation has been the TurboWash™ technology, which uses high pressure water particles that dramatically reduce washing time.

LG’s front-load washing machines have been recognized all over the world for their outstanding reliability and durability by leading consumer magazines from Spain (OCU-Compra Maestra), Italy (Altroconsumo) and Australia (Choice). A leading U.S. consumer magazine rated LG’s front-loaders as most reliable for six consecutive years through 2014. Germany’s Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE) and other consumer organizations have also recognized LG’s front-loaders for their durability.

This year, LG plans to continue its leadership in home laundry with innovative products such as the world’s first front-load washing machine with TWIN Wash™. This revolutionary design enables two separate loads to be washed simultaneously. With a space-efficient “mini washer” in the pedestal, overall cycle times are reduced with fewer loads required.

“LG has been able to dominate the global market through constant development of innovative washing machine technology and design, especially our 6 Motion Direct Drive motor and TurboWash™ technologies,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Innovative features, reliable performance and outstanding design continue to be key selling points for LG premium appliances, and customers seem to agree.”