LG and Google – Together for an Enjoyable Music Experience –Apr 15, 2015– Seoul, Korea (Techreleased) – The experience of reconnecting with your favorite music is about to get even better with LG’s smart Hi-Fi audio system, Music Flow. LG Electronics have decided to launch its first audio products for Google Cast that will let anyone to send their favorite music from their Android phone or tablet, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows laptop or Chrome book to their Music Flow audio speakers and sound bars.

LG Music Flow
LG Music Flow

Apart from streaming the music from their mobile phones, the owners of Google Cast-enabled LG Music Flow can also enjoy listening to tunes from their favorite online music websites such as iHeartRadio, Songza, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Pandora, etc. Users will experience a high audio quality compared to the Bluetooth speaker as the music will be played from the cloud instead of mobile device.

This music device comes with Wi-Fi Sound Bars (Model HS9/HS7/HS6), Wi-Fi Speakers (Model H7/H5/H3) and battery-powered Portable Wi-Fi Speaker (Model H4 Portable). For various mobile devices such as Android, iOS or Chrome book, LG’s instinctive Music Flow app can be used to control each model. Users will also have the ease of connecting LG Music Flow system speakers and sound bars to mobile devices as well as to one another for easy audio customization over LG’s Advanced Wireless Network.

All the devices have add-on convenient features such as Home Cinema Mode that gives the users a genuine home cinema experience, and Auto Music Play that syncs with users’ devices through LG’s Range-of-Flow technology. It can also connect to streaming devices through Bluetooth. Furthermore, to complement customers’ personal music collections LG has incorporated additional streaming partners like the popular services Deezer and Spotify.

Google Cast-enabled LG Music Flow devices including the models HS9, HS7, HS6, H7, H5, and H3 will be available in the beginning of April whereas H4 Portable will be made available at the end of May. Once the service is launched in the local markets the current owners of LG Music Flow speakers and devices can upgrade their products with Google Cast.