Increase Your Wi-Fi Capacity with Motorola Solution’s Fifth Generation LAN for 802.11ac – Nov 07, 2013– Detroit, USA (Techreleased) – The demands on network bandwidth are dramatically increasing, and Motorola Solutions is meeting those needs with a suite of new, fifth generation LAN 802.11ac access points (APs). Delivering faster speeds, these APs help alleviate bandwidth challenges faced by both enterprises and governments when users connect to Wi-Fi networks and access high-bandwidth applications such as mobile video and streaming media applications. The suite from Motorola Solutions includes the AP 8232 and AP 8222, offering flexible options for a wide variety of deployment scenarios.

AP 8232 802.11ac
AP 8232 802.11ac


  • The modular AP 8232 has an expandable design to support plug-in applications such as a pan-tilt-zoom video camera and WAN back-haul as well as dedicated environmental, location and security sensors.
  • The AP 8222 offers a fixed configuration with an internal antenna and a dual radio for customers who want an aesthetically pleasing fixture on the wall or ceiling.
  • The APs enable integrated location and security sensing for mobile commerce applications to help connect shoppers in retail stores and hotel guests both indoors and outdoors. For government workers, these can provide data-rich content and multimedia sharing applications such as video streaming across the government enterprise with high-speed 802.11ac.
  • These APs are also backward compatible with previous 802.11 standards and will support existing clients, preventing the need to create a new infrastructure.
  • With the latest software upgrade, WiNG 5.5 simplifies IT deployments by extending its state-of-the-art, massively scalable AP management solution from a centralized network operating center with a single unified management portal for enterprise branch offices.