Improving Access To Energy With The First Fully-Integrated Sustainable Smart Energy System And Software

Improving Access To Energy With The First Fully-Integrated Sustainable Smart Energy System And Software  – Aug 02, 2017– Mountain View, California (Techreleased) – SolPad, disrupters of the conventional sustainable and renewable energy landscape, announced today an exclusive bi-coastal media preview of their innovative technology to usher in SolPad’s availability launch in 2018. 


Solar energy in the United States is changing. In the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 68%, but mass adoption faces challenges. For consumers and homeowners, large, expensive, and disjointed equipment that doesn’t easily integrate with other components, makes personal, clean energy independence seem unapproachable. For local governments, emerging cities and NGO’s, difficult installs, scalability and on-going maintenance creates barriers to supplying solar energy for the community. SolPad is providing solutions both in the home and at the commercial level, whether the issue is battery storage and ease-of-use or power grid vulnerabilities from growing populations and rolling blackouts. The software behind SolPad is the real differentiator that’s changing the solar industry with an all-in-one, scalable solution to renewable energy.

SolPad is the first and only fully-integrated solar system. It has the ability to collect, store, convert, and manage solar power within one device to bring clean, reliable energy to all. SolPad’s technology allows for minimal wasted energy and an affordable strategy to accessing personal, clean, reliable energy. Coupled with FlexGrid software system, which links SolPads together with the world’s first self-architecting AC micro-grid, SolPad creates easy scalability for an immense amount of energy. The innovative technology has the power to change the way we think about personal renewable power, and democratize energy for all.

“We put smart thermostats in our home to save on heat and air. SolPad extends that savings further to the entire home, not just heat and air,” said Christopher Estes, CEO of SolPad. “The reality is that SolPad completely shifts the energy paradigm, delivering comprehensive management and control for daily power usage.”

“Everyone is responsible for their impact on the environment. SolPad Mobile allows people to take energy management into their own hands, reducing carbon footprint and giving access to AC electricity anywhere. Whether you’re in an industrialized nation trying to decrease negative impacts on the environment or in a developing nation looking to save money versus fossil fuels, this disruptive portable panel provides unparalleled access to clean and easy-to-use power.” Jigar Shah, co-founder of Generate Capital, past CEO of Carbon War Room.

SolPad Mobile embodies the ideal personal, portable solar energy generator that provides power anywhere and helps significantly reduces electricity costs. At 25 pounds, SolPad Mobile has more built-in battery storage and output power than any other portable solar device in its weight class. Finally, solar energy extends beyond the permanent home and commercial building, providing renewable energy to reach the previously untapped market of home renters and van-lifers.

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