ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 recorders from Sony – May 28, 2013– London, UK  (Techreleased) –  From rehearsal room to boardroom – two new digital voice recorders by Sony ensure that each note and every word are heard with CD quality.

Sony ICD-SX1000 Recorder
Sony ICD-SX1000 Recorder

Slipping easily into a pocket or bag, the slim, light ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 are perfect recording partners when inspiration strikes.

Both models feature a new 3 way S-Microphone System that picks up music, meetings and memos with pinpoint precision. ‘Stereo’ mode ensures smoothly-balanced, hi-fi quality recording of instruments and voices – great for band rehearsals and song-writing sessions. Or switch to ‘Zoom’ and focus precisely on interview subjects located on the other side of the room.

The range-topping ICD-SX1000 is capable of high-resolution recordings at 96.1kHz/24-bit, capturing solo instruments, ensembles or voices with exceptional clarity.

The SX1000 also adds Sony’s S-Master Full Digital Amplifier that reproduces the subtlest nuance of every performance. Originally developed by Sony for hi-fi and home cinema products, S-Master technology has been optimised for mobile devices, reducing digital distortion for smoothly detailed studio-quality sound.

Sony ICD-SX733 Recorder
Sony ICD-SX733 Recorder

A choice of eight Scene Select modes on both recorders ensures optimum clarity, whatever you’re recording. Pick ‘Music’ for a wide, balanced frequency response with every instrument heard clearly. Select ‘Voice Memo’, ‘Meeting’ or ‘Interview’ for clearly-intelligible speech without annoying low-frequency booms, pops and rumbles.

A generous 16GB of on-board storage (ICD-SX1000) gives space for almost a week’s worth of non-stop recording (159 hours at MP3 192 kbps). Need more time? Slipping in an optional microSD or Memory Stick Micro (M2) card expands recording time further to ensure you’re never lost for words. The inbuilt lithium battery offers plenty of stamina for those lengthy jamming sessions, recording non-stop for up to 19 hours between charges (Linear PCM 44.1kHz, 16 bit).

Both recorders also double as handy music players, replaying files in MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV formats. Just load up with your favourite tracks and enjoy through the supplied stereo earphones or on-board speaker.

Sound Organiser PC software comes as standard and simplifies transferring, editing, managing or burning your files to CD.

The new ICD-SX1000 and ICD-SX733 digital voice recorders by Sony are available in Europe from May 2013.


ICD-SX1000/SX733 digital voice recorders: key features & specifications

ICD-SX733 ICD-SX1000
Built-in Memory 4GB 16GB
PC Connectivity Yes
Built-in Microphone 3 Directional Microphone (Zoom/Stereo)
Recording Format Linear PCM/MP3
Playback Format MP3/AAC/WMA/WAV
Speaker power output 150mW
Battery Type Built-In Lithium
Dimensions (w/h/d) 39.6 x 108.6 x 14.9 mm 39.6 x 110.8 x 14.6 mm
Weight (including batteries) 81g 82g
Headphone Jack Yes
Microphone In Yes
USB port Yes (Direct)
Memory Card Slot M2/ microSD
Max Recording time
MP3 48kbps ( monaural ) 159 Hrs 0 Min 636 Hrs 0 Min
MP3 128kbps 59 Hrs 35 Min 238 Hrs 0 Min
MP3 192kbps 39 Hrs 45 Min 159 Hrs 0 Min
MP3 320kbps 23 Hrs 50 Min 95 Hrs 25 Min
LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit 5Hrs 20 Min 21 Hrs 35 Min
LPCM 96.1kHz, 24bit 6 Hrs 35 Min
Recording features
Scene Select Yes
Manual Recording level adjustment Yes
Low-cut Filter Yes
Pre-Recording function Yes
Frequency response
MP3 48kbps (monaural) 40 – 14,000 Hz 40 – 14,000 Hz
MP3 128kbps 40 – 16,000 Hz 40 – 16,000 Hz
MP3 192kbps 40 – 18,000 Hz 40 – 18,000 Hz
MP3 320kbps 40 – 20,000 Hz 40 – 20,000 Hz
LPCM 44.1kHz, 16bit 40 – 20,000 Hz 40 – 20,000 Hz
LPCM 96.1kHz, 24bit 40 – 40,000 Hz
Playback features
S-Master Full Digital Amplifier No Yes
Intelligent Noise Cut Yes