Huawei P8 and P8max Unveiled in London – Apr 16, 2015– London, UK (Techreleased) –Huawei returns to London after two years to divulge its two latest models of smartphones in the P-series; the Huawei  P8max and the user-friendly Huawei P8. The Huawei P8max uses the structure and design of the P8 having longer battery life, a distinctive camera with light tracing for any environment, a larger 6.8 inch screen, elegant ID design and extraordinary capabilities of light painting. Coupled together, these features provide a complete fun experience to the consumers who will love the new large screen.

Huawei P8max
Huawei P8max

Huawei P8max has a slimmer and better feel to it with an ease of carrying, having 16:9 screen. It uses a 6.8 inch high definition JDI screen that is the largest in-cell FHD screen so far. The visual experience is enhanced using the color enhancement technology while the landscape mode, being supported by the smartphone, enables the consumers to read and view things on the phone.

With its effective power saving management technology, Huawei can serve your needs of recreational activities for as long as over 10 hours of video streaming. Its super slim body of 6.6mm contains 6.8 inch large screen and a 4360mAh battery. However, the most attractive characteristic of P8max is a metal ratio of 94% with a non-cut back; the whole body of the device is cut from an aerospace garde aluminum block. Moreover, it avoids overheating by using industry-leading heat dissipation. DX19 high thermal conductivity alloy, which is widely used in some luxury automobiles, is used by the smartphone.

When it comes to photo taking and editing, Huawei P8max is offering various creative features. It uses a combination of 5+13 mega pixel rear and front cameras. The rear camera Image Signal Processor enables a better night view photo-taking with a 13 mega pixel Optical Image Stabilization. This optical image stabilization technology ensures brighter and clearer pictures by reducing the aperture time 2-3 grades. Furthermore, pictures taking in dark or dim lighting can create vivid images and can effectively bring back true colors with the dual-tome flash.

Apart from that, Huawei p8max liberates its users to play with the features like Light Painting and Video filimg to create amazing art. It also has Lapse modes, face-enhancing, Pano and Selfie for photo-taking. The device provides real time preview display and hand controlled opening of a picture unlike the light painting functions on average phones. Consumers can make a blockbuster without performing any editing by either switching different views or by forming a filming group with three other phones.

Along with recreational needs, Huawei P8max also caters to the various needs professional and business dealings. It eases the primary business handlings like editing documents, checking emails and complete other office tasks. Equipped with functions of Wireless Projection, Blue Tooth Printing and GPS, P8max maximizes the productivity of all the work together. Since the new Hauwei device is all about creativity and innovation there is an optional accessory of perforated leather cover with see through dots that allows the users to see incoming calls and alerts without having the need of opening the cover. The leather cover is a perfect match for P8max as it supports standby mode.