HMI Industrial Touch Panel PC Constructed With Sealed Stainless Steel – Sep 26, 2013– Irvine, USA (Techreleased) – Featuring a hygienic design with a stainless steel front bezel, the new rugged, industrial touch panel PCs from American Industrial Systems (AIS) are designed for the volatile and harsh environments of Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Tobacco manufacturing industries.  While these applications or markets offer many challenges for designers and manufacturers of human machine interfaces (HMI) solutions integrated into various process and discrete machinery, AIS has developed a family of panel PCs to specifically serve all their unique and demanding requirements.

AIS IP66 stainless front panel PC
AIS IP66 stainless front panel PC

The strict hygiene regulations for the food, packaging and medical industries and clean rooms dictate many specific requirements for HMI equipment used in their facilities.  In accordance with these regulations, the new family of industrial touch panel PCs from AIS meets Federal Regulation Title 21, Sec. 110.80 process and control requirements for the manufacture of consumer packaged goods.

Based upon DIN EN1672-2 Food Processing Machinery – safety hygiene requirements, the new AIS stainless steel HMIs with IP66 protection and NEMA 4/4X rating features a gapless housing design with flush-mounted touch screens.  Optimal corrosion protection and high resistance to contamination ensure maximum cleanliness and sterility, particularly with open processes where products come into direct contact with the manufacturing equipment.

The shape of the housing combined with an optimized frame profile allows liquids to naturally drain-off and also prevents the accumulation of contamination or buildup of debris.  The rugged AIS HMIs can also stand up to most wash down liquids, cleansing agents and disinfectants, thanks to the resistance of the stainless steel surface and touch screen. Finally, a chip-guarded HMI display helps avoid food contamination.

AIS’s full ranges of industrial displays are offered in screen sizes of 10.4”, 15” and 17”.  Powered by high-performance Intel® Atom™ processor N455 1.66 GHz in an industrial-grade LCD flat panel, AIS HMIs deliver advanced performance.  In addition to their rugged design, these front panel stainless steel PCs offer additional features including, compact flash card slot for facilitating data archiving and protection against viruses and externally accessible HDD for quick replacement. AIS HMIs are backed by a customer service team for order management and product selection and technical support for drivers, hardware, troubleshooting procedures.

To facilitate information requests, online quoting, product selection and availability, prospects and customers can visit this link for immediate information and online pricing for these AIS products:

Nelson Tsay, President of AIS, adds “Industries such as Food, Beverage, Healthcare and other applications requiring advanced HMI control in a rugged, hygienic stainless steel package can rely on AIS industrial touch panel PCs to serve all their needs and comply with federal regulations.”