GE Power Appoints Top Global Energy Executive Robert Morgan To Lead New Energy Storage Unit – May 07, 2018 – Atlanta, Georgia (Techreleased) – With an intense focus on seizing new growth opportunities in a rapidly changing global energy landscape, GE Power has tapped a top energy executive, Robert Morgan, to lead its burgeoning Energy Storage Unit and manage the growth of its recently launched Reservoir Energy Storage platform.

“Energy storage is a key opportunity for our customers as they look for solutions with the best cost, lowest carbon footprint, and greater reliability and resiliency,” said Russell Stokes, President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Power. “Rob brings the right skillset to lead GE Power’s Energy Storage Unit as the industry shifts toward a more decentralized, decarbonized, and digitized electricity infrastructure.”

Eric Gebhardt, Vice President and Strategic Technology Officer said, “The global energy landscape is experiencing a dramatic shift with increasing renewables integration and the growth of distributed power. In his most recent roles as a founder of energy startup Agile Energy and Executive at RES Americas, Rob has been at the center of this market disruption and has demonstrated how to successfully build market-leading businesses. We’re confident he will do the same for GE Power’s energy storage portfolio.”

One of Rob’s principal roles will be to grow and expand the Reservoir – a comprehensive, innovative energy storage platform that delivers customized storage solutions to help customers manage the changing power landscape.  Since the Platform’s launch in March, GE Power already has bid over several hundred megawatt-hours of Reservoirs with significantly more bids coming in.

“With Rob, thanks to his domain expertise, we have a leader who can truly hit the ground running in helping us expand the Reservoir and to identify and develop other new innovative products and solutions that customers will need to meet future energy needs,” Gebhardt said.