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Mar 08, 2013– San Francisco, USA  (Techreleased) – Today at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) conference, GE Healthcare confirmed its commitment to cardiovascular care by introducing new products and solutions as well as showcasing its current cutting edge technologies.

“Cardiovascular disease is a complex, whole-body disease managed at multiple levels in the healthcare continuum,” said Tom Gentile, President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s Healthcare Systems. “GE Healthcare can help our customers to ensure efficient, targeted and connected cardiovascular care with integrated solutions. Our cardiovascular portfolio is designed to help clinicians and their cardiac patients focus on affordability, improved quality, and increased access around the world.”


New at ACC for Interventional Cardiologists: DoseMap (GE Healthcare’s Digital and Guidance Solutions business)

For more than 30 years, GE has been developing innovative solutions to help enable low-dose imaging procedures. For interventional cardiologists working on long and complex procedures, there is a growing demand for having automated dose monitoring, optimization, display and traceability of their work. New at ACC from GE Healthcare is DoseMap, available on our Innova* IGS 5×0 platform. This dose feature innovation allows the operator to display local cumulative patient dose levels all along the examination and offers the operator the chance to change the local dose delivery by modifying the dose setting and/or gantry angulation when reaching given thresholds of a procedure. The expected benefit is to help the operator avoid potentially exceeding the local dose threshold and help clinicians better monitor and in turn increase patient care by empowering clinicians to reduce/amend dose levels.

“Within our Cardiovascular segment this translates into three focus areas: Dose Optimization tools, Dose Management solutions and Dose efficient technologies. At ACC 2013, we demonstrate that we are committed more than ever to developing dose reduction solutions for our customers with the introduction of DoseMap, our new feature that helps clinicians monitor patients’ dose throughout the procedure. This introduction complements our Dose efficient technologies extremely well exemplified by our exceptional detector Detective Quantum Efficiency,” said Jean Michel Milles, GM, Cardiovascular, Detection & Guidance Solutions, GE Healthcare.

Diagnostic Cardiology (GE Healthcare’s Life Care Solutions business)

As a clinical leader in Electrocardiogram (ECG) management, GE Healthcare continues to innovate with the introduction of CV Web 3.0, an interactive, web-based software that helps physicians access and act on their patients’ cardiology records via a personal computer (PC) or iPad web browser. Regardless of location, doctors can quickly and securely review multiple cardiology tests from an easy-to-use interface.

Hospitals have a highly mobile workforce, so physicians may be away from a workstation or bedside when clinical decisions are required. With CV Web 3.0, remote doctors can quickly view, edit and confirm patients’ resting, exercise and Holter ECG results delivered from the GE Healthcare MUSE® Cardiology Information System, which acts as a central hub for a hospital’s ECG records. This allows for timely clinical decisions regarding patient care and treatment, and provides important information to the clinician at the point of need.

FREEdom Edition Technology (GE Healthcare’s MICT and AW business)

GE is proud to present the Discovery* CT750 HD FREEdom Edition and the Optima* CT660 FREEdom Edition. Both feature GE’s exclusive Motion FREEdom with intelligent coronary motion correction and is a platform that enables fast, high performance imaging with expanded capabilities for use in the emergency room and innovative dose reduction features.

Based on exclusive FREEdom technologies (Fast Registered Energies & ECG), this innovative system represents a solution to virtually “freeze” coronary motion in higher heart rate coronary CTA exams by the introduction of intelligent motion correction via SnapShot* Freeze.

SnapShot* Freeze can help significantly reduce coronary motion and overcome the inherent limitation of all hardware only solutions. By precisely detecting vessel motion and velocity, SnapShot Freeze can determine actual vessel position and intelligently correct the effects of motion during cardiac CT exams.

GE Healthcare’s lower-dose vision builds on its decades-long leadership in equipping radiologists and radiographers with technologies that can help them reduce patient dose and improve image quality. These solutions include: ASiR*^, a lower dose image reconstruction technology enabler, installed on more than 1,800 GE CT systems worldwide that has provided more than 20 million scans to date, Veo*^, the world’s first ever model based iterative reconstruction that enables CT imaging under 1 millisievert with profound clarity, and CT Dose Check, a feature that helps users manage exposure pre-scan, through notifications and alerts to operators.

Vivid E9 (GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound business)

GE Healthcare Ultrasound’s Vivid E9 provides innovative tools designed to help improve workflow efficiency through simplified image acquisition, intuitive navigation and advanced, yet easy to use quantification. The system was designed to help make 4D imaging easier and more efficient. With the 4D TEE transducer as well as several important workflow enhancements, this latest version of Vivid E9 underscores GE’s commitment to making 4D imaging accessible and efficient across the continuum of care in cardiology.


* Trademark of General Electric Company

^ In clinical practice, the use of ASiR and Veo may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physician should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.