Epson Expands Flagship H-Series of SCARA Robots for Industry – Oct 30, 2013– Tokyo, Japan (Techreleased) – Seiko Epson Corporation the global leader*1 in SCARA robots for industrial applications, today announced the addition of compact, lightweight H4 models to its flagship H-Series.

H4 SCARA robots
H4 SCARA robots

The new products expand the flagship Epson H-Series SCARA robots announced in February 2013. Anticipating applications such as the transport and assembly of precision instruments, and the transport and packaging of food, medicines and cosmetics, Epson has included in the robots a refined version of its original smart motion control*2 technology. The robots can be used in clean rooms and offer protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

The new H4-Series allows users to customize their production line and maximize performance by simply selecting the required performance mode from within their application program. H4 robots boast a cycle time that is 20% shorter than Epson’s previous G3 series of SCARA robots (3 kg payload) when in high-speed mode, while low-vibration mode further reduces vibration levels. H4 robots also contribute to factory space saving. With a height of only 550 mm and weighing only 14 kg, they are some of the world’s smallest and lightest*3 SCARA robots in the 350 mm arm length class.

Epson sees the industrial sector as a market where it can use its strengths to provide unique products and services. Going forward, Epson will continue to help customers enhance their production operations with an expanded H-Series lineup.

*1: Epson recorded the industry’s highest revenue from shipments of industrial SCARA robots in 2012.
Source: Fuji Keizai Co.,Ltd. “Reality and Future Outlook of Worldwide Robot Market 2013”

*2: Unique Epson technology that enables robots to operate accurately at high speeds without producing significant vibration.

*3: Among the smallest and lightest according to Epson research, as of October 2013.