ELECOM unveils compact stick type USB 2.0 hub –June 20, 2015– Osaka, Japan (Techreleased) – ELECOM  is launching, in the middle of July, a stick type USB hub for adding extra ports to your PC.

We are introducing the U2H-SN4BF series to solve the problem of not having enough USB ports when you want to connect more devices. The new model is a compact stick type, which means it does not get in your way, with a cute face mark design. It’s a bus-powered model that doesn’t require an AC adapter for charging, making it very handy. It has a cable length of 7 cm, which is ideal for use with notebook PCs. It can also be used to add extra ports to your desktop PC.

The stick has a total of four ports, three in the front and one on the side, which make it convenient to use with a wide range of USB devices. The hub is directly plugged into the PC, so no need to worry about leaving it behind or losing it. The new model is available in black and white.