Eaton Announces MV-ATS, Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switch – Nov 21, 2013– Pittsburgh, USA (Techreleased) – Power management company Eaton today announced its circuit breaker-based medium voltage automatic transfer switch (MV-ATS) has been listed under Underwriters Laboratories (UL®) 1008A. In order to meet this standard, the automatic transfer switch design must demonstrate compliance with certain requirements for safe, reliable transfer of power between two designated sources in a wide range of emergency power system applications including health care, commercial, industrial, utility and data center facilities.

Eaton MV-ATS
Eaton MV-ATS

“Highly reliable automatic transfer switches are the backbone of any well-designed emergency or standby power system,” said Javvad Qasimi, product manager at Eaton. “Meeting these industry standards demonstrates to our customers that our transfer switch can help reduce the risk of unplanned downtime in wide range of critical environments.”

The switch is designed to provide reliable automatic transfer to an alternate power source in the event of a failure, and return the load to the normal source when power is restored. It can also be used to transfer loads when peak shaving is desired or unreliable conditions are sensed.

High-visibility lighting on the MV-ATS enclosure indicates the use of normal or emergency power sources, and signifies available sources. When operating the transfer switch with an automatic transfer controller (ATC), the unit will indicate real-time power status by continuously monitoring incoming distribution lines. The ATC also allows full system configuration for simplified and automated performance.

The breaker-based configuration is easily applied to service entrance applications by adding an overcurrent trip to the switch. By installing at the point of service entrance, the units simplify installation and reduce the physical footprint of electrical distribution equipment by eliminating the need for separate upstream fault protection and respective power interconnections.

The breaker-based design also features compartmentalized drawout circuit breaker switches to simplify maintenance and equipment changes while further minimizing the total footprint of distribution equipment. Additionally, the vacuum design of the switch’s circuit breakers allows for the use of various relay schemes, including phase and ground overcurrent, under and overvoltage, under and over frequency, directional overcurrent and directional power for protection and coordination as desired for a given application.

Further, the vacuum design of the MV-ATS units provides a viable alterative to switches that utilize SF6 gas for insulation and overcurrent protection. Incorporating epoxy insulation, Eaton MV-ATS switches protect against harsh environmental conditions, reduce heat and help eliminate the maintenance and environmental issues associated with SF6 equipment.

Eaton’s medium voltage circuit breaker transfer switch assemblies are seismically tested or qualified to exceed the requirements based upon International Building Code (IBC) and California Building Code (CBC) parameters. The metal-clad assembly and all components are also designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest applicable Canadian Standards Association (CSA), UL, American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA®), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards.