Dynamic Design For New Corolla Hatch – Mar 10, 2018 – Aichi, Japan (Techreleased) – Toyota Australia will launch an all-new premium Corolla hatch in August featuring a bolder, more dynamic exterior design and a more rewarding driving experience.

The next-generation Corolla hatch – unveiled to the world at the Geneva international motor show – is built on a new platform that gave designers the freedom to create a visually distinctive and individual look.

Longer and wider than the current car, and featuring a longer wheelbase, the new Corolla hatch is imbued with a lower stance and more appealing proportions.

The Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform features a lower centre of gravity, multi-link rear suspension and more rigid body shell that contribute to better handling and stability without compromising ride and comfort.

New Corolla hatch will provide elevated safety levels with standard fitment of sophisticated functions and systems in the latest Toyota suite of safety technologies, including autonomous emergency braking.

A new 2.0-litre petrol engine will offer substantially more power and torque than the current car while requiring even less fuel.

Bolder, more dynamic design

The new Corolla’s design is lower, longer and wider than the current hatch, and features a longer wheelbase.

Toyota Global Design executive general manager Simon Humphries said the primary goal was to produce the boldest and most dynamic hatch on the market without compromising interior usability.

“Harnessing the low centre of gravity afforded by the TNGA layout, the vehicle is light and agile in the side view, yet as we move to the rear, the architecture transforms to create a solid, wide and low stance,” Mr Humphries said.

TNGA represents the foundation for all Toyota’s future vehicle development. It marks a revolution in the way the company designs, engineers and manufactures its vehicles. It introduces new, defined guidelines for the positioning of different state-of-the-art components which simplify vehicle design in key areas.

Corolla hatch’s overall length has been increased by 40mm, all of which has been absorbed within the longer wheelbase.

The roof’s peak has been lowered 25mm, while the cowl height is a significant 47mm lower than that of the current model.

The rear LED lamp clusters feature light guides that are designed to emphasise the wide, planted rear stance of the new Corolla hatch.

The rear bumper echoes the styling at the front and features a thin lower lip incorporating twin chrome inserts.