Synt Flipp – A Buttonless Remote

Synt – a new Scandinavian company has just launched its first product – a remote controller called the Synt Flipp. It is the project of Kickstarter and the idea behind to create this unique remote to give the users a simple and direct social remote for music, which no other device offered. For more tech news and latest gadgets and smartphone visit at

Synt Flipp Remote

There are a lot of smart home remotes with amazing features for controlling plenty of things in your home and music as well, but sometimes you just want  a simple thing which can easily control your music and gives you a simplest way to listen music. The Synt Flipp is a palm size disc, means a round shaped remote without physical buttons and it is able to do four basic functions, including play / pause music, control volume, skip songs, and skip playlist.

It can connect the speaker through Wi-Fi and compatible with all Sonos speakers and Spotify connect enabled speakers. The flip is also compatible with other brand speakers, including; Amazon, Samsung, Sony, BlueSound, Bose, B & W, Philips, and B & O Play.

Synt Flipp Remote 2

To use this remote for listening music, you have to know how does it works? The Synt Flipp has two sides: one for controlling volume and the other side for songs and playlist. To increase and decrease the volume, just rotate the volume side and rotate the other side will skip through your songs. And to change the playlist, you have to press and rotate at the same time. For play and pause songs, you have to just click at the center of the button does not matter whatever side on you are.

Along with the remote, there is also a Flipp hub, which is connected to the remote. The Synt Flipp remote connects to the Flipp hub over a 2.4 GHz radio frequency and it is powered by a standard coin-cell battery. The company claims that the battery will last up to two years to usage.

Synt Flipp Remote Specs


Synt Flipp Remote

Connectivity 2.4GHz to hub, Wi-Fi to speakers
Compatibility Sonos and Spotify speakers
Range 25m
Dimension 70×12mm
Battery 2 year battery life


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