Apr 16, 2013– New Orleans, USA  (Techreleased) – Kam Mangat, M.D., recognized a need for more accurate tissue diagnoses in the treatment of obstructive jaundice. Remembering the Cook® flexible cup biopsy forceps from his previous experience as a cardiothoracic senior house officer, Mangat said, “I thought, well, why can’t we put these down the bile duct and try and take some samples through this?”

Cook Fexible Cup Biopsy Forceps
Cook Fexible Cup Biopsy Forceps

Cook Medical partnered with the interventional radiologist to support his new technique with the transluminal biliary biopsy forceps set. Cook met Mangat’s need for tissue sampling by creating a full biliary biopsy set that helps physicians establish access for drainage procedures and perform biopsies of biliary blockages.

“We’ve always had a strong appreciation for the level of patient care provided by interventional radiologists,” said Dan Sirota, vice president of the Interventional Radiology and Critical Care divisions at Cook Medical. “We’re proud to continually bring new products like the transluminal biliary biopsy forceps set to the annual SIR meeting.”

The forceps set allows physicians to gain access and perform tissue sampling with existing components that are now in one package. Physicians can use the transluminal biliary biopsy forceps set to perform two procedures in one, draining excess fluid and taking a biopsy of strictures in the hepatic ducts.

The components of the set include existing Cook technology including EchoTip® needles for visibility under ultrasound, the Aprima™ Access set for entry into the biliary tree, the Flexor® sheath for positioning against the stricture, and biopsy forceps for tissue sampling.

This access and biopsy option is now available in the U.S. and Europe. The set is less expensive than purchasing the components individually.

Mangat will describe his new technique at the Cook Medical Learning Center, booth 1331, at the annual Society of Interventional Radiology meeting on April 15 at 12:30p.m. Central Time.