Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Fleet Telematics

Fleet Telematics: What Is It, And Why You Should Care

No matter what size fleet you manage, you'll almost certainly benefit from using telematics. Fleet telematics systems cut costs, improve employee performance, reduce carbon...

Google Alerts – Are You Taking Advantage of This Powerful SEO Tool?

For webmasters and SEOs, keeping up with what's happening across the internet is an absolute must. But the internet is a big (virtual) place,...
Does My Teenage Daughter Need an iPhone 5s

Does My Teenage Daughter Need an iPhone 5s?

Teenagers live in a completely different world to their parents. In their parents’ day, reality TV was unheard of. At the weekend, instead of...
Guitar Interface

The Best Alternative Interfaces For Our Technology Will Make It More Accessible For All

The aim of a good interface for any piece of hardware or software is to provide quick, easy and intuitive access to a wealth...
Mobile Life Management

Mobile Life Management

Today's regular pace is supercharged by grand intentions to do more, be more and get more out of life. Multitasking is standard fare and...
When Mobile Meets the Cloud

When Mobile Meets the Cloud

It is difficult to ignore the significant impact of cloud computing for enterprise and end-users. Enterprise users leverage on its scalable factor to meet...

Oversharing, Are You Guilty?

Technology connects the world. So much so, that information can even be offered in “real time,” barring any understandable transfer lags. Yet with such...
Keep Your Gadget Beyond Christmas!

Keep Your Gadget Beyond Christmas!

With each passing year, more and more people will be receiving electronics of one kind or another as their Christmas present. There’s no doubting...

Ingredient Substitutes to Keep Your Holiday Treats Healthy

Every year, millions of children leave out plates full of goodies for Santa Claus. With that said, it should come as no surprise to...