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Business Intelligence & the Cloud

Business Intelligence & the Cloud

Here’s how business intelligence and the cloud are changing how organizations gain insights.
Artificial intelligence

5 Exciting Tech Trends You Should Know About

Check out this list to get a sense for some trends you should keep an eye on that might help your business succeed.
Your Shipment in Transit

Find Out What Really Happens to Your Shipment in Transit

Knowing what stresses an item has endured during shipping can also help you, or your customer, decide whether to inspect, or even reject, shipments when they arrive.
start your own business

Should you borrow money to start your own business?

If you work hard and try to achieve success, nothing can stand in your way. All you need is to make the right pick.

How to recover data from damaged SD card ?

SD cards play a big part in ourl lives. They may be discovered in our smartphones, our cameras, our tablets… They contain quite a...
Tech Startup

Launching A Tech Startup: Details That Can Make Or Break A Company

The world of tech has billions of dollars available for a startup to earn if they price their product/service correctly and it delivers on quality/ability to solve a common problem.
Save Online Streaming Videos

3 Effective Ways to Save Online Streaming Videos

Recording streaming video is something that internet users can do with just a few clicks and the proper video recording software.
live lightning tracker

How To Tell How Far Away Lightning Is From You

Lightning can strike as far as 20 to 30 miles away from the parent thunderstorm.
Cyber Insurance

10 Questions About Cyber Protection Insurance

Cyber protection insurance is still relatively new, but the industry is growing fast. It is projected to reach $7.5 billion annually by 2020. That...
Campus Party Singapore

Technology alone is not enough

We now know that Technology is never enough. Do you advocate S.T.E.M or S.T.E.A.M? With us at Campus Party Singapore, we advocate the latter. Come and find out why at our festival.