Bulk Carrier “IS” TRI-STAR Developed – Apr 30, 2013– Imabari, Japan  (Techreleased) – Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has newly developed 33,000M.T. D/W Type Bulk Carrier “IS” TRI-STAR.

Bulk Carrier "IS" TRI-STAR
Bulk Carrier “IS” TRI-STAR

Our share of handy size bulk carrier is ranked among the top in the world.
Since 2010, over 30 vessels of “IS” BARI-STAR, 38,000M.T.D/W type bulk carrier have been delivered, and over 200 vessels of 28,000M.T. D/W type have been delivered since 1990. These vessels have been receiving higher reputation from domestic and overseas customers. These days, customers’ demand is varied more and more, and in order to satisfy such customers’ demand, we decided to put our newly developed 33,000M.T. D/W type bulk carrier “IS” TRI-STAR into the handy-size market.

“IS” stands for the capital letter of Imabari Shipbuilding. “TRI-STAR” is coined word of “three” (3) which comes from the figure of 33,000tons and “STAR”, of which denomination is intended to signify “three-star class”, and we sincerely wish “IS” TRI-STAR will be able to obtain customers’ highest reputation. She is the 4th and the newest type of our “IS” series following “IS” NEXTER, “IS” I-STAR and “IS” BARI-STAR.

The characteristics of the “IS” TRI-STAR are as follows:
· Common Structure Rule “CSR” is adopted, and higher general versatility and bigger hold capacity are secured.
· World top class fuel consumption efficiency brought to materialization by lesser hull resistance, fuel saving devices and electronically controlled main engine.
· Adequate deadweight on shallow draft without affecting fuel efficiency.
· Environmentally friendly double hull structure is adopted for F.O. tanks, which prevents oil spill due to hull damage.

Bulk Carrier “IS” TRI-STAR Principal Particulars:

LOA 179.5m
Beam 28.4m
Depth 14.25m
Deadweight 33,000M.T.