Gamers Could Play Guitar in 12 Weeks By Quitting Gaming for 2 Hours/day

The finding of an online local services marketplace, Bidvine revealed that an average gamer plays video games for about two hours a day. To make things more interesting, the online company set out to find how much time it would take to learn a new skill if two hours are invested on it daily instead of gaming. Bidvine took help of professionals working through its site including language tutors, personal trainers, music teachers, builders, dance teachers and its other qualified service providers to find the answer of the above-mentioned question. Bidvine found out if a gamer abandons gaming for two hours and work on some skill, they can:

Gamers Could Play Guitar

– Learn French within six months

– Learn to play the guitar within twelve weeks

-Train for a marathon in ten weeks

-Re-model a bathroom in seven weeks

-Learn how to salsa dance within four weeks

Bidvine chose 2,000 public members to become a part of their survey. Among the participants, 55% were gamers who confessed that normally they give 2 hours a day to gaming on PC, console and mobile apps . 34% (more than a third) of the respondents were passionate gamers who consumed over five hours a day playing video games. The classification of gamers among the participants was:  males (65%), females 34%, while the remaining 1% did not reveal.

Console gaming was voted the most famous form of gaming by both men and women gamers. 45% (two fifths) of the gaming participants agreed they play on consoles. PC gaming came on second with 31% (one third) votes, whereas mobile gaming was the least favourite with only 19% (a fifth) votes. All the 2,000 respondents agreed they had played video games at least once.

The co-founder of, Russ Morgan expressed his thoughts on the survey results by addressing gamers that the survey wasn’t meant to discourage them. In fact, it’s a great hobby and a good leisure activity. The survey was conducted just for the sake of fun and to see what else was possible to achieve if a gamer dedicates his playing hours to acquire a new skill.

Morgan hopes these results will motivate people to take on a new hobby or try something exciting. They shouldn’t stick on to a particular habit, and should start learning new things and acquire impressive skills. Some people are unaware about the things they can achieve in a brief period. You can learn to speak fluently in French in about six months and go on to freelance French translation to make some money from home.

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