App Review: The ETX Capital Binary Options Trading App

Financial trading using smartphone apps is becoming an increasingly popular way to try and profit from the markets on the go. Apps that connect to major trading platforms and allow users to make trades, gain market insights, and otherwise manage their portfolios are a must-have solution for people who are keen to get more from their money by trading. Of course, there are lots of different types of trading you can do using a mobile device, and a wealth of apps out there to help you do them. Here, we are looking at the Binary Trading app from leading trading platform ETX Capital, which is available for iOS here on the Apple iTunes store.

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What Does the ETX Capital Binary Options App Do?

This is an app designed for ETX Capital clients who have trading accounts with the platform. The app is free, but you’ll need to log in to your own account to be able to use it. The app lets you trade binary options on over 60 tradeable products, including currency pairs and commodities. You can manage your binary options activity in full from your phone, and also receive push notifications from the app if you want to see trading alerts and notifications on your options in this way.

Does This App Offer a Good Way to Trade?

If binary options are the type of trading you are interested in, or you want to add binary options trading to your existing market activities, this app makes it simple and fast. It uses the industry leading MarketsPulse technology to help you get real time information and make smart decisions about the options you want to invest in. The app provides a flexible platform where you can take out both long and short term binary options, and everything you are looking for when you want to set up a new binary option transaction is easy to find thanks to the intuitive interface.

If you are new to binary options trading, this is a great app to get started with and has the support of a market leading platform in ETX Capital. Getting started or connecting with your existing account and managing your capital and transactions is easy, as is withdrawing funds when you want to (subject of course to appropriate legal terms and conditions). With a good UI and all the functionality a trader on the go needs, this is a great choice.

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