6 Proactive Home Security Tips

A house is only as secure as its weakest point of entry. One criminology report states that 83 percent of offenders say they first determine if an alarm is in use.  Implementing some suggestions from Alder Home Security’s Instagram page cannot only make entries that much more difficult, but it could also avert potential robbers from targeting your house. Instead of waiting for something alarming to occur, why not take some steps now to ensure that your house is burglar-proof?

Home Security

  1. Get a loud dog.

A dog that is over exuberant when visitors come to your door will be equally loud when an unwanted person comes nosing about. High-strung dogs, however, might be difficult to train. Such dogs might not be worth the possible lawsuit if the dog winds up attacking a neighbor or the mailman. But an overly friendly one might be just as effective as a trained dog. What you really want is a noisy dog who can simply serve as an alert system. Also, as abonus, put up a large “Beware of Dog” sign. (You can do this even if you do not have a dog.) Which many experts say will cause a burglar to go for an easier target.

  1. Install a monitored security system.

Consider installing a monitored security system. One that comes complete with a surveillance camera that swivels and looks imposing. You do not only want to be aware of what is going on outside, you want unsavory types to know that you are getting it all on footage. Experienced burglars will be able to tell a fake from the real deal, so don’t think you can mount a fake one and get the same kind of protection.

Various systems are now available, including motion triggered security cameras. Monitored security systems will trigger a call to the police or other security center if an alarm goes off, providing immediate help.

  1. Keep an empty mailbox.

Don’t let newspapers or mail pile up unclaimed in your mailbox. If you are going to be away for a few days, ask your neighbor to collect your mail for you. Having mail pile up is a neon sign to burglars that you are away from home and puts your house at risk of robbery.

  1. Leave a car in the garage.

Along the lines of keeping an empty mailbox, security experts also advise that you keep a car in your driveway. Often, a car in the driveway is sign enough that a person is at home, which will have burglars moving on to greener pastures. So if you are concerned about leaving your car in the driveway while on a trip, don’t be. Your house might be better off because it is.

  1. Make good security habits.

Do you have the habit of going through the house and locking all windows and doors during any period when all members of your family will be out? If not, you should. A surprising number of offenders said that they were able to breach a house through an open window or door. Teach your kids and your spouse to always lock a window after closing it. Turn that into a default action for a safer house.

  1. Install a deadbolt on your doors.

Kicking a house door open is how many thieves get inside a person’s house. What deters that? A solid deadbolt. Deadbolts are difficult to work past and are a way to fortify your door against invaders. Since sliding doors offer an easy point of entry, these should also be reinforced. You can do so by adding a metal bar or bank into the track of the door, which will make it difficult for thieves to force open.

The tips listed here are a good place to start and will give you that security of knowing you have taken steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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