Bayer Announces Complete product range for modern wound care – Nov 14, 2013– Leverkusen, Germany (Techreleased) – With a broad range of material solutions for medical applications, Bayer MaterialScience is helping customers around the world to improve product performance and curing efficiency. At Compamed 2013 trade fair from November 20-22, in Düsseldorf, the company will showcase current developments at Hall 08b, Booth H30.

Baymedix AP501
Baymedix AP501

These in particular include the newly commercially available products Baymedix® AP501 and AR602, which are solvent-free and can be reacted to form skin-friendly adhesives with hydrophilic nature and adjustable adhesive strength. Appropriately adjusted, these formulations allow gentle removal from the skin and will not stick on the moistening wound itself.

Broad range of products for wound dressing
Modern wound management reduces treatment times with minimum pain or allows patients to be moved from in-patient to out-patient, thus reducing nursing effort and costs.

Bayer supports modern wound treatment with innovative polyurethane material solutions. For example, polyurethane raw materials of the Baymedix® range are used for different applications in wound dressing, like e.g. skin-friendly adhesives, absorbent foams as well as waterborne coatings for stretchable and resistant backing films.

In addition to the new products mentioned above, Bayer MaterialScience offers Baymedix® FP raw materials for reactive foam technology, which enable the production of very smooth and conformable foams that are non-yellowing and fit the moisture management requirements of advanced wound dressings very well.

Waterborne coatings for stretchable and resistant films
Moreover, Bayer MaterialScience has developed a series of Baymedix® FD and Baymedix® CD aqueous aliphatic polyurethane dispersions for films.

Baymedix® FD based films can work as a backing of wound dressing to protect wound contacted area. Protective, breathable and soft touch films or compact foamed films can be formed by transfer coating on foams, non-wovens or textiles. For more challenging applications, Bayer MaterialScience offers specially developed crosslinkers together with formulation guidance to increase stability of the film against solvents, disinfectants and other aggressive fluids.

The Baymedix® CD product line has been designed as aliphatic polyurethane dispersions for latex-free elastic films. Materials that are free from protein allergens, plasticizers and odor are gaining more and more importance in human contact applications. Films based on Baymedix® CD allow a very simple formulation that can be processed either as seamless film by dipping or as roll stock film by casting.

In addition, Bayer MaterialScience offers extruded films made from thermoplastic polyurethane – Platilon® and Dureflex®, for protective, breathable covering with comfortable wear and polycarbonate materials of the Makrolon® range for medical applications.