Apr 08, 2013– Taipei, Taiwan  (Techreleased) – ASUS today announced the portable B1M Ultra-bright Wireless LED Projector with ASUS Wi-Fi Projection technology for presentations and media streaming without the need for cables. Designed for professional use, the B1M is a short-throw projector with a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry in a briefcase or bag. The B1M features a bright 700 lumens Eco-LED light source with low operating temperatures for near-instant set-up and shut-down times, and a long lifespan that drastically reduces the total cost of ownership.

B1M Ultra-bright Wireless LED Projector
B1M Ultra-bright Wireless LED Projector

Compact portable Wi-Fi projector cuts the need for cables

The ASUS B1M Ultra-bright Wireless LED Projector weighs just 900g and with a desktop footprint no larger than a DVD movie case, it’s easy to carry and can be used in even the smallest meeting rooms. The B1M lightens the load still further by drawing power from a standard ASUS notebook AC adapter (≥65W), removing the need to carry a separate power supply when used with a fully charged notebook.

The ASUS B1M features a small Wi-Fi adapter for a direct wireless connection to a notebook PC, or Android and iOS devices. This removes the need to carry a video cable solely for presentation use, and allows presentations, documents and multimedia files to be streamed to the B1M wirelessly from elsewhere in a room. An Android or iOS device can also be used as a wireless remote control for a presentation, and even to annotate slides in real time.

Long-lasting LED light source with low operating temperature

The ASUS B1M features a mercury-free Eco-LED light source with a 30,000-hour lifespan to cut down on maintenance and bulb-replacement costs. With brightness rated at 700 lumens and updated DLP® projection technology, the B1M gives a vibrant image with 100% NTSC color saturation at a crisp 1280 x 800 (WXGA) resolution.

The short-throw lens can project images with a diagonal up to 51 inches across from just one meter away from the projection surface, making the B1M ideal for presentations in small spaces where a cramped notebook screen would otherwise be the only option.

Thanks to the low operating temperatures of its Eco-LED light source, the B1M has short warm-up and cool-down times that make it ready for use in as little as five seconds, and the projector can be switched off and packed away instantly. Flip-down feet with two height settings make the B1M quicker to set up than projectors with screw-adjustable feet, while auto-keystone correction automatically adjusts the projector to ensure a true, rectangular image.

Flexible video inputs and high-quality speakers

A wide selection of video input ports means the ASUS B1M can be used with a wide selection of projection sources, while its USB port and SD card slot also allow projections to be made directly from a USB storage device or memory card. With onboard support for such popular file formats as Microsoft Office documents and PDF, the B1M removes the need for a notebook or handheld device altogether. Built-in two-Watt stereo speakers powered by ASUS SonicMaster audio technology ensure loud and clear sound without the need for external speakers, too.