ASUS Launches Xonar D-KARAX Sound Card for Karaoke Singers and – Nov 22, 2013– Fremont, USA (Techreleased) – ASUS today announced Xonar D-KARAX, a professional-grade sound card designed for singing enthusiasts that like to sing and share their songs online.

ASUS  Xonar D-KARAX Sound Card
ASUS Xonar D-KARAX Sound Card

Designed by leading music-industry engineers, Xonar D-KARAX helps eager amateur singers shape their voice and indulge in the latest trend of sharing personal songs online. Xonar D-KARAX is a PCI-Express sound card offers 96KHz/24-bit playback, real-time audio processing, 7.1 audio and a 106dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio). Singers can apply and hear audio effects in real-time with no playback lag, a sophisticated feature previously the preserve of professional recording studios.

Professional quality, professional effects, pure simplicity

ASUS Xonar D-KARAX is stuffed with studio-grade vocal effects that help aspiring singers immerse themselves in a professional performance environment. The clear and simple user interface lets users set up and start singing in just three simple steps, while studio-grade sound effects help singers sound like stars. Vocal effects such as high- and low-pass filters, voice equalization, dynamic boost, reverb and compression can be applied with a single mouse click, along with ready-made master profiles tuned by music engineers to suit different music genres.

No lag and no noise

A hardware-based Cirrus Logic CS47028C DSP (digital-signal processor) means Xonar D-KARAX has extremely low microphone latency, so the singer’s voice stays in perfect time with the backing track. By comparison, sound cards that lack a hardware DSP can introduce input lag of up to 500ms.

Xonar D-KARAX also benefits from exclusive ASUS Hyper Grounding technology with a multi-layer PCB (printed-circuit board) that eliminates noise by separating the power supply and digital signals from sensitive analog signals.